Metal to the Core!

Metal to the Core !

January 2, 2017

Quick Tiques!


by    Chris Forbes

This month's Metal to the Core features something a little different. Here you will find brief critiques of demos and CD's that we have recived over the past months. No offence to anyone as Chris calls them as he hears and see's them. Let's Rock!

MADAME MAYHEM/Now You Know (Headball Records) Some pretty good poppy like metal with some great female singing. Some solos that reminded me of Eddie Van Halen and that my friends is not a bad thing. This kind of reminded me of Lita Ford at times as well. A nice production with good, solid catchy riffs and songs had my head moving along to the tunes. Well worth checking out. Info:

FRANK CARDUCCI/Torn Apart (Self Released) This was pretty much bad all the way around. The songs were boring and went nowhere. The singer didn’t have a bad voice, but the songs were flat and useless. The songs just went nowhere and there was no catchy hook or riff that would keep me interested in hearing this. The guitar played some tasteful solos, but other than that there wasn’t much worth listening to on this. Info:

MASIRO/Self Titled (Self Released) This was a 4 song instrumental release and again as with the above release the songs were not strong and were very weak. There was no catchy hook or riff that stood out or got my attention. I mean you listen to bands like old Van Halen, AC/DC, Aerosmith, and bands of that nature and they knew how to write great catchy tunes. This just drags on to the road of nowhere I am afraid. Info:

LEANDER RISING/Heart Tamer (Sony Music) This group is exactly what is wrong with heavy metal music today. The jump metal crap along with the tough guy vocals. This is so generic on so many fronts. Nothing original or good on this. This is beyond bad and not worth a penny of your money. Avoid.

BOTTOM/Hug Myself…All the Time (Volume Addict Wreckords) This is even worse than the above band. A senseless wall of noise with just screamed in the mic vocals. This is like an industrial music nightmare. No good songs just a bunch of senseless noise that goes nowhere fast. Info:

OATMEAL FOR THE FOXHOUNDS/Welcome To The Highbee (Green Morse Records) This band needs to do the world a favor and break up now. This is absolutely beyond bad and will go down as the worst record I have heard this year. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo that belongs in the toilet trust me.

KEATON SIMONS/Beautiful Rain (Best Revenge Records) Just some great rock n roll on this with great hooks and catchy songs and vocals to boot. Everything on this just flows perfectly and I was nodding along to each and every song on this. The guitar sound is so unholy and his vocals are sung with such passion and feeling and fit right along with the music. Not many releases like this around these days so do yourself a favor and grab it. Info:

I EXIST/Humanity Vol I (Self Released) 6 tunes of a modern rock sound of a band and I found this pretty decent. The singer has a really strong voice and the songs weren’t just a bunch of groove or just riffs put together with no sense. The songs were actually damn catchy and soft of in a progressive vein at times as well. They also don’t sound like a million other bands as well. Worth checking out. Info:

MOKEY DORIS/Same (Self Released) A little note to bands when you send stuff to review. You might want to slip in a contact website and email so that that can go with the review. This is just a bunch of go nowhere fast awful modern rock with terrible songs and awful vocals. Trust me this not worth a minute of your time or money. Pure awful stuff here I assure you.

THE FLABBY HOTTMAN TRIO/Coup De Ta Ta’s (Self Released) Your guess is as good as mine about this band as the stuff is taken from 1982 to 2012 so maybe this is a 3 disc reissue of their stuff. With that being said the music is terrible. It is power pop stuff and it is junk. The songs suck as do the vocals. The songs there is nothing to them. No catchy riffs and the singer is garbage and that harmonica used in some of the tunes needs to go. I have never heard of this band before and after hearing this I want to forget them for sure. Info:


DEUTERONOMIUM/The Amen (Die And Gain Records) Dancy groove death metal that is worthless it isn’t funny. Oh these songs are bad. Nothing good on this. The singer has no power and his vocals stink. About the only good thing on this is that they sing about God, but even he can’t save this. This band needs to do us a favor and break up.

EVIL BEAVER/The Beverly Hills Sessions (Self Released) This is about as bad as punk rock gets. These songs are so bad you will bang your head into a wall in frustration. The singer is a total joke and his voice is so annoying it is not funny. You want punk rock try Black Flag instead. Info:

Dragon Teeth Album

BANASTRE TARLETON BAND/Dragon’s Teeth (Self Released) This is like a wimpy coffee house band with beyond bad songs. If this band thinks they are good they are sadly mistaken. Nothing good on this. Worthless songs that don’t do a thing.

The Sixth Chamber

THE SIXTH CHAMBER/Crippled Souls (Novokkane Records) Some weird almost psychedelic music and it was cool to my ears. Very different too, the band know how to write riffs within the tunes. The singer has a good voice and he fits the music really well. This was like a breath fresh air from all the crap that is within the music scene these days too. Check these guys out please. Info:

CPX/The Final Nail (Self Released) Again with this the songs were just boring to me. There was nothing catchy or solid music wise on this. The songs were flat and boring and went nowhere. The singer has a decent voice, but the music is not good at all. Info:


HAMMERFIST/Isolation (Self Released) This to me was absolute generic metal. If you like Pantera you will like this. It sound like a million other tough guy, jump metal bands that’s for sure. Info: