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Ball-Buster Music | Jan/Feb 2017

Compiled by: Jasper Jackson




Killer Bee are back with a new long awaited album – ‘Eye in the Sky’ – out now.
It has been over two years since their last release, and the wait has proven to be worth it, as this new record is quintessential Killer Bee.
The writing team of Rönnblom / Frank has done it again, as they deliver their well-honed 70´s style of rock – a la Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and the Scorpions.

Well known for their back to basic raw sound, Killer Bee have not swayed from their trademark style.
And all the expected ingredients are included – hard and heavy riffs, signature vocals, and of course, the classic Hammond sound, which can be sampled via the links below:

“’Get on Board’ went through a few vocal arrangements before I got the feel I wanted,” explains singer/producer Brian “Bee” Frank. “Due to the length of pauses in the recording process I was able to take a step back and look at things from different perspectives. Really glad I had that time to give the song the all it deserved.” And Frank also discussed the song’s video – “Being from Canada I did not really grasp what the cold war meant, but after living in Sweden for 26 years one starts to realize how very close the threat at the time was. In the making of this video we did it at an old abandoned cold war era – first strike air force base. The base was an array of runways interacting with each other in literally the middle of nowhere. It was an experience for me to try and imagine how it could have been…it made me reflect on my first weeks here in 1990. We were driving in town and instead of a Deer Crossing sign I saw Tank Crossing signs (lol). Wow what a culture shock for a guy like me from good ole safe Toronto, Canada.”

Album Teaser – Killer Bee – Eye In The Sky

Since the early ‘90s, the Bees have been delivering the sting…and now the hive has let the swarm loose!
The last couple of years have not been without trials and tribulations though – member changes, injuries, and production hold-ups have made this era a roller coaster ride for the band.
However, the band managed to persevere, as 2015 saw Killer Bee embark on an extensive US tour (covering over 40 cities in no less than 35 states), and the future is only looking brighter.

Radio programmers worldwide have begun to take notice, as Killer Bee are receiving positive responses to their music – climbing on playlists everywhere.
And alongside the new release, Killer Bee are currently in the planning stages for touring both Europe and North America.

Speaking about highlights from the recording sessions, Brian “Bee” Frank the lead singer and producer of the new record
states, “‘Shout It Out’ is the ultimate 70´s feel with the screaming Jon Lord/Hammond playing by Denny DeMarchi. I remember when he was recording that solo. One take and it was done. At the end Denny said, ‘I can do it better,’ I said ‘No! It´s done!’ What a great moment. During the 90´s, Anders and I had a writing system…he played I sang. A song done normally it took no more than 30 minutes to get a song done. The last three albums have had a slightly different approach but on the writing of ‘The Fight,’ it was a magical moment. Back to the old school formula. 15 minutes.”

So catch a buzz and feel the sting…Killer Bee are BACK! Join the swarm!


1 Eye in the Sky
2 Shout It Out
3 One Step Closer
4 Higher and Higher
5 Face the Night
6 The Flight
7 Get on Board
8 Joystick Warrior
9 Right Between the Eyes
10 By My Side


Brian “Bee” Frank – Vocals
Anders “LA” Rönnblom – Bass
Andre Hägglund – Guitar
Paul “Tonka” Champman – Guitar
Morgan Evans – Drums & Percussion
Denny DeMarchi – Keys

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Preview YouTube video Killer Bee – “Get On Board” (Official Music Video)
Killer Bee – “Get On Board” (Official Music Video)
Preview YouTube video Killer Bee – Eye In The Sky (album teaser) (get bottom poster img – Tour dates}

Russian death/thrashers POKERFACE unleashed a lyric video for “Game On” – the title track off their upcoming new record.

Last month they launched a crowdfunding campaign for their sophomore record, „Game On”.

POKERFACE – The band was created in Moscow, Russia in 2013.
POKERFACE shared the stage with such famous European bands as Sodom, Sister Sin, Knorkator.
In 2014, the band released their first EP “Terror is the law” on the label “Irond / Molot” with female vocalist Delirium Tremens.
In their work POKERFACE is looking up to the stars of American and German thrash metal, such as Slayer, Testament, Sodom, Kreator.
Speed heavy riffs, English lyrics and brutal vocals symbolizes real old school thrash metal.

In the Spring of 2015, POKERFACE arranged Russian tour with Brazilian icon Sepultura and performed a Summer tour with Overkill, Claustrofobia, Children of Bodom and Vader.

At the beginning of Autumn 2015 POKERFACE released the debut album “Divide And Rule”, and played shows with Megadeth, Kreator and Infected Rain.

NODE Announce New Shows, New Promo Video Released!

Italian legendary Death Thrashers NODE – who released their sixth studio effort “Cowards Empire”, on April 26th, via Punishment 18 Records – have announced their next shows, promoting their new album. Check out below the confirmed dates, so far:

4 February – Circolo Libero Pensiero Lecco, Italy
11 February – Midian Cremona (Supporting Extrema)
18 February – Rockout Cazzago San Martino (Brescia)
24 February – Padiglione 14 Collegno (Torino) w/Infected,
08 April – Hudební Klub EXIT-US Prague, Czech Republic
01 July – Eresia Metal Fest Resia, Italy

node show posterFurthermore, recently NODE launched a new promo video, watch it here:

Also check out NODE’s official video “The Truck”, footage taken from the latest Russian shows, supporting KATAKLYSM:

NODE‘s sixth studio effort “Cowards Empire”, out via Punishment 18 Records, is available on iTunes and all other platforms. The album contains a DVD with excerpts of the 20th Anniversary concert of the band, which took place on March 15th, 2014.

“Cowards Empire” tracklist:

1. StagNation
2. Death Redeems
3. Lambs
4. Average Voter
5. Locked In
6. No Reason
7. Money Machine
8. The Truck
9. Still The Same
11. The Plot Survives (instrumental)

+ 2 (revisited and re-recorded) bonus tracks
– Jerry Mander (from Sweatshops 2002)
– Children (from Technical Crime 1998)
(with solos of the NODE founder and former guitarist, Steve Minelli, available only in digital form)

More information at:

IGNITOR, the Austin, Texas based true metal titans featuring iconic vocalist Jason McMaster have released the limited edition “Years of War Collection” box set which includes five cds spanning 10 years. The box set consists of their legendary debut “Take to the Sky”, “Road of Bones”, “The Spider Queen”, “Year of the Metal Tiger” and for the first time ever, a cd version of their classic covers album “Mixtape 85”. Also included for a limited time, a live bonus DVD of Ignitor’s performance from the 2005 Keep it True Festival in Germany, as well as a limited edition back patch.
Ignitor vocalist Jason McMaster has checked in with the following comment:
“Finally, you can get the history of Ignitor’s first five music releases, all in one kick ass box set. It is really cool to have all the band’s chronological releases in one place including our never before released on cd old school classic covers album “Mixtape 85”. It was a ton of fun organizing this set with all worldwide true metal fans in mind.
“Years of War Collection”
Ignitor – “Take To The Sky” (2004)
Ignitor’s first record. It was recorded at the end of 2003 and released through CD Baby. This is where it all began and is an example of a band doing what they love. When Germany’s Rock Hard magazine named it “Demo of the Month,” we figured we were on to something.
1. Demon Slayer
2. Execution
3. The Grey Ghost
4. Take To The Sky
5. The Last King Tiger
6. Lean Mean Leather Machine

Ignitor – “Road of Bones” (2007)
This is Ignitor’s second record, the last to feature Erika on vocals and the only to feature Annah Moore on guitar. It was recorded in the summer of 2006 and released in 2007. This is a great record that never got the chance to be properly promoted. Unfortunately, Erika left the band the week it was released, leaving Ignitor unable to play until a new singer was found.
1. Intro
2. Road Of Bones
3. Scarlet Enigma
4. March To The Guillotine
5. Wings Of The Blackheart
6. Hymn Of Erin
7. Phoenix
8. Broken Glass
9. Castle In The Clouds
10. God Of Vengance
11. Reinheitsgebot

Ignitor – “The Spider Queen” (2009)
This is Ignitor’s third record and the first to feature Jason McMaster on vocals and the return of Beverly Barrington. It was recorded and released in 2009. The Spider Queen is a concept album following the traditional “boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a giant spider that’s also his mother, boy’s grandmother kills girl, boy kills grandmother” format. We still don’t know why some people didn’t “get” the story. This album diverged a little from the true metal ideal as Batlord was inspired by long form rock ‘n roll works including “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Flash Gordon.”
1. Magnum Opus
2. Evil Calling
3. I Never Knew
4. The Games Begin
5. Angels Descend
6. The Spider Queen
7. Rune Of Power
8. What Love Denies
9. Construct of Destruction
10. My Heart Turns To Dust
11. Dynasty Of Darkness

Ignitor – “Year of the Metal Tiger” (2012)
This is Ignitor’s fourth record. It was recorded in 2011 and released in the spring of 2012. We really got back to basics on this one: no ballads, a guitar solo in every song, no over-arching conceptual storyline to confuse the instant gratification addicted. Just classic metal by metalheads for metalheads.
1. Heavy Metal Holocaust
2. Beast In Black
3. Raiders Of The Void
4. Shadow Of The Needle
5. Island Of The Damned
6. The Kaiser
7. We Are Ignitor

Ignitor – “Mixtape 85” (2013)
This is Ignitor’s last recorded output released in 2012. It is a compilation of Ignitor playing our favorite classic metal tunes. Super fun and a must have for all metalheads, it embodies the excitement of the old school 80’s metal experience.
1. Deathrider (Anthrax cover)
2. Fast As A Shark (Accept cover)
3. Violence And Force (Exciter cover)
4. Into The Coven (Mercyful Fate cover)
5. Witching Hour (Venom)
6. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest cover)
7. A Lesson In Violence (Exodus cover)
8. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)

Ignitor – “Years of War Collection” box set purchase link

Ignitor – “No Sanctuary” video link

David Ellefson’s ELLEFSON COFFEE COMPANY Opens Brick And Mortar Coffee/Merchandise Shop in David’s Hometown!

Ellefson Coffee Co., the boutique Coffee brand of MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson will open its first brick and mortar ELLEFSON COFFEE CO shop next week in David’s hometown of Jackson, MN. In addition to serving a variety of custom blends of Ellefson Coffee Co brands, including ROAST IN PEACE, SHE WOLF, KENYA THRASH, and URBAN LEGEND, ECC will also be a retail outlet for Ellefson Coffee products and memorabilia, as well as a satellite retail outlet for titles and merchandise from Ellefson’s EMP LABEL GROUP.

The store will also serve as a “Museum of Deth” featuring permanently displayed artifacts and memorabilia from Ellefson’s personal collection , as well as memorabilia from other artists. After teaming up with local Jackson Coffee shop COFFEE CHOICES (one of Ellefson’s personal Jackson haunts) and owner Susan Reiter for their URBAN LEGEND blend, David’s ECC (and EMP) partner Thom Hazaert suggested taking the partnership farther.

“One day Susan and I had a conversation about the idea of sort of re-branding Coffee Choices into something more aligned with the ECC brand, and us coming in as partners.” Says Hazaert. “I pitched the idea to David, we had already discussed the idea of opening a brick and mortar outlet maybe in Phoenix, and we all loved the idea, being David’s hometown, and Susan’s amazing history in Jackson, and her experience running Coffee Choices.”

Adds Ellefson, “I’ve been blessed to travel the world year after year as a musician but my roots have always stayed in Jackson, MN. So, it’s a true honor for our coffee brand to have a retail shop on the main street USA I grew up on, and to serve the very community I was born and raised in. Aside from some great coffee and a fun Rock N’ Roll atmosphere, our store is a go-to destination for coffee that also tells my story of heavy metal and global music history. I look forward to seeing you there!”

And any Megadeth fan already knows Jackson well, even if they don’t know it, as the connections to this small Midwest town run deep in Megadeth lore. Loon Lake Cemetery, that spawned the legend of Mary Jane, immortalized on So Far, So Good, So What is a few miles down the street, while the Ellefson family farm that inspired Megadeth hit “Foreclosure of a Dream” is also a stone’s throw from where ECC is setting up shop.

Hazaert adds, “Not only will Ellefson Coffee Co. now have a permanent face in David’s hometown, but being able to tie in EMP, and everything else we do, and with the huge sense of Megadeth history in Jackson, we are excited to be able to create a really unique and amazing fan (and Coffee) experience, that we are sure will not only be a highlight for the people of Jackson, but a destination for Megadeth fans from around the World.”

The first day of business officially as Ellefson Coffee Co. will be Monday, January 10th, with a grand opening coming later in the Spring. You can pay ECC a visit at 404 Second St, Jackson, MN, 56143.

More information at:


EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.com

ALPHA OMEGA Management:

TRAUMA Confirmed for 70000 Tons of Metal!

US Thrash Heavy Metal Legends TRAUMA are confirmed for 70000 Tons of Metal, taking place on February 2nd-6th, 2017.

TRAUMA drummer Kris Gustofson stated: “Trauma is delighted and honored to be playing on the 70000 tons of metal cruise with some of the best bands in Metal. This is going to be a blast and we look forward to putting the pedal to the Metal.”

Get more information at

TRAUMA was formed in 1980, having in their original line-up the iconic Cliff Burton on bass guitar, before joining Metallica in 1982. The band quickly became well known throughout California, playing at all the legendary venues, and their first ever recorded track “Such a Shame” was included on Metal Blade Records, Metal Massacre II album in 1982. Their “Scratch and Scream” (1984) album has long been considered a classic Heavy Metal collector’s item. Shrapnel Records re-mastered and re-released the album in October 2013, and TRAUMA reformed with a new line-up for the album re-release. In July 2014 TRAUMA played at the Headbangers Open Air Festival, furthermore the same year TRAUMA signed a world-wide contract with Pure Steel Records. Their latest effort “Rapture and Wrath” was released on February 27, 2015. The band released a video of one of the new songs, “When I Die”, in February 2015. TRAUMA is currently writing material for a new album and is in the process of securing live touring dates.

Check out “When I Die” here:

More information at:




US Avant-sludge punkers Heavy Baby Sea Slugs are back with “Teenage Graveyard Party”, a four-song slammer of an EP which is set to be released on January 21st, 2017.

Hailing from the state of Texas, the band will be touring Japan and Taiwan during January 2017.

New Haven based metal titans DEAD BY WEDNESDAY will join their labelmates A KILLER’S CONFESSION – the new project of former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis – on “The Year Of The Killers” tour, kicking off on January 27th in Jacksonville, NC. The other bands joining the tour are KISSING CANDICE and ERASING NEVER. Check out the shows and venues below.

Comments DEAD BY WEDNESDAY: “Here we go… excited to be going out with our boy Waylon Reavis & A Killer’s Confession again along with Kissing Candice & Erasing Never!”

Just recently DEAD BY WEDNESDAY released a new lyric video for “I Will Define”, featuring Waylon Reavis of A KILLER’S CONFESSION, watch it here:

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY released their latest effort “Darkest of Angels” in May via EMP LABEL GROUP/eOne, (and in August in Europe via Ellefson Music Productions/SPV), featuring 11 tracks with 11 heavyweight guest vocalists including, Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead), AK (Flotsam and Jetsam), John Arch (Fates Warning), Rob Dukes (Fragile Mortals, ex-Exodus), Carley Coma (Candiria), Sean Danielsen (Smile Empty Soul), Paul Stoddard (Diecast), Kris Keyes (formerly Gargauntua Soul), Antony Armageddon (Armageddon) and Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four, Inc.).

Order the “Darkest of Angels” album, via EMP web store here:

BAND: http://www.deadbywednesday.com


LABEL: http://empmerch.com




Raleigh, North Carolina traditional heavy metal masters MEGA COLOSSUS have announced two “Hyperglaive” record release weekend shows in North Carolina.
“Hyperglaive” was self released by the band in North America on December 13, 2016 in cd, vinyl and digital formats and will be released in Europe via Killer Metal Records (Germany) in early Spring 2017.
Mega Colossus guitarist Bill Fischer has checked in with the following comment:
“We have successfully powered up the new and improved metal beast. Enter Mega Colossus!!!! We are stoked to celebrate our latest release at two of our favorite venues in North Carolina. January 20th and 21st, I dub thee ” Rock Weekend”!!! On Friday night, we will bring out the metal thunder to Wilmington at Reggies 42nd St. Tavern with our buddies White Tiger and Mountain Thrower. On Saturday night, we will be taking no prisoners at Kings in Raleigh, with Solar Halos and Lightning Born. Look up these bands, they are some of NC’s finest!! Copies of our new LP “Hyperglaive” will be on hand, as well as the team of artists featured within. Thanks to our creative friends for helping us make this happen. Come celebrate with us!! ”

Mega Colossus official website

Mega Colossus Facebook page

Mega Colossus BandCamp pag

DEATH VALLEY DRIVER Signs with ALPHA OMEGA Management, Working on New Material!

ALPHA OMEGA Management has a pleasure to announce the signing of DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

Hailing from Charlottetown (Canada), the five-piece DEATH VALLEY DRIVER -formed in 2008 – mixes the classic hard rock of KISS and AC/DC, the sludge of Black Sabbath and the urgency of Motorhead into a Molotov cocktail of amps, gravelly vocals and swampy rhythms. Their debut album “Choke The River” got rave reviews and had charted nationally on several Loud charts on university radio, peaking at number 3. Their song “Sleeping All December” is being used as the entrance music for Ring of Honor tag team The Briscoes. The album was also nominated for an East Coast Music Award and was the winner of Music PEI’s Loud Recording of the year. Their follow-up, “Graveyard Dead” took home the 2014 East Coast Music Award’s Loud Recording of the year, as well as being nominated for rock album of the year by Music PEI. Their latest EP “Carnivore’s Oath” was produced by Paper Lions guitarist Colin Buchanan and mastered by Juno nominee Dan Weston (City & Colour, Classified, The Reason). DEATH VALLEY DRIVER has shared the stage with Metallica, Coheed & Cambria, Seether, 3 Inches of Blood, Goatwhore, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, August Burns Red, Lagwagon, Protest The Hero, Misery Index, Obscura and many others. The band is currently writing the follow up to their EP, “Carnivores Oath”.

Comments Ryan P Gallant, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER drummer:
“We are beyond thrilled to sign with Alpha Omega Management. Being from the smallest province in Canada (Prince Edward Island), it’s amazing to be part of an international roster with an amazing team behind us. AO has a presence all over the world and we can’t wait to show everyone that we’re ready to crush some skulls. We can’t wait to unleash some death n roll in 2017.”

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
“We are thrilled to welcome these furious hard and heavy death’n roll metallers in DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to our roster family! Their outstanding sound is a blasting mix of hard rock, sludge and deathly heavy metal which surely pleases their audience and gives vibes for the fans of Down, High on Fire, Entombed and Black Sabbath. So stay tuned for next announcements!”

Watch Carnivore’s Oath – Official video here:

Photo Cred – Photo Ninja – Alicia Montague

DEATH VALLEY DRIVER Line up: Ryan Gallant – Drums, Dan Hodgson – Vocals, Ray Blacquiere – Guitar, Nick Doucette – Guitar, Jeremey Heisler – Bass



EVHO Signs with ALPHA OMEGA Management!

ALPHA OMEGA Management has a pleasure to announce the signing of EVHO (EVENT HORIZON)!

Formed in 2008, four best friends from New York decided to come together to create the rock band EVHO. Drawing influence from the classic to modern rock bands, EVHO molded their own unique sound which would set them apart from a music scene fading into mediocrity. With 11 national US tours and 2 live Television performances under their belt, EVHO was fortunate enough to share the stage with quality acts like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, He Is Legend, The Ataris, Senses Fail, The Sleeping, Closure in Moscow, The Dollyrots, Sleeping With Sirens and many more. With an ambitious desire to share their music with the world and bring people back to the innovative roots of rock and roll, EVHO strives to help shape the future of music.

Band’s statement for the signing:
“We are very excited for the opportunity to work with Alpha Omega Management and we are looking forward to big things to come in the very near future. we are looking forward to doing lots of touring and releasing our first full length album and Music Video for our single off of the album as well.

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
“We’re so thrilled to welcome these innovative rockers in EVHO to our Family! They deliver heartfelt rock with unique sound, exploding with ingenuity, creativity and passion! Keep your ears and eyes open for the next announcements!”

Also check out:
EVHO- Human Continuum – video:
EVHO- Rift -video:

More information at: