Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Overkill. One day soon the name Machinery will be up there with the best of ’em. This Stratford, Connecticut-based quartet has been around for ten years & shows no sign of slowing down, like the battered old Ford van that takes them from gig to gig. The band even named their label, 6 Cylinder Records, after that faithful old van. Neither alternagrunge bandwagon nor the trendoids who jumped on it could steamroll this heavy-duty machinery, band, or vehicle. Machinery is now going to do some steamrolling of their own. Their press kit is very impressive, with tons of press clippings from major publications around the world, a couple of full-color posters suitable for framing, cool matchbooks. But most impressive and important of all is their music. In 1995 they won the WCCC Lake Compounce band playoff, taking first place in a competition between 100 bands. In 1996 they opened for Deep Purple at the Meadows Music Theater in Hartford, CT. Not surprising. I liked their debut release, “Impulses Of Aggression,” & I really like their newest, the 10 track “Reconstruction.” This is some of the finest power metal I’ve ever heard. The musicianship and vocals are superb. Instead of whining, a persistently annoying trend in “alternative” or “modern” music, this music makes a powerful & purposeful statement. The lyrics are relevant, aware & justifiably angry, & there is the viewpoint of “if you’re pissed at life’s injustices or stupidities, do something constructive about it.”

“Strive” makes some astute observations about mankind. The guitars are heavy, the beat moshy.
“Scum” is an angry tirade against the scum of society. Chaotic but cool guitars!
The title track contains ecologically aware lyrics, a dire warning to those who are careless with our planet.
“Shallow Gains” has a very realistic view of life that many will relate to.
Check out the heavy rapid-fire guitar work in “Feel,” an intense, rage-filled number.
“6413” is a brief soundless intro to “The Web”, a sinister-sounding ode to web addicts.

I would love to see a band like Machinery “reconstruct” the entire music scene because it’s in dire need of it & this sound fills the void nicely.

Both of Machinery’s albums are available from:
Sinbad Productions
P.O. Box 58368
Louisville KY. 40268-0368 USA

Band Contact:
P.O. Box 826
Stratford, CT. 06497

Melodic power metal at its best. Hats off to a band who has remained metal-hard instead of mindlessly following mindless trends.

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