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BallBuster presents a special article on the Hard Rockin’ band, SEVENDUST

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to tour the world, do your thing & do what you love to do.” Lajon, Sevendust’s vocalist, sums up one of the driving forces behind this frank, aggressive & independent metal band. Lajon describes Sevendust’s self-titled debut release as “a real album dealing with everything that’s going on in our lives.” He also added, “The album is something that everyone can relate to because we do write about things that happened to us.” Sevendust was formed in 1995 under the name Crawlspace. “My Ruin,” recorded under the Crawlspace moniker, was featured on the “Mortal Combat: More Kombat” soundtrack. After finding out that an L.A. band owned the rights to the name Crawlspace, the band had to come up with a different name. After kicking around several ideas, the name Sevendust was chosen. The band is Lajon (vocals), Clint Lowery (guitar), Vinnie Hornsby (Bass) & Morgan Rose (drums). Veterans of the Atlanta scene, the members of Sevendust have played in bands such as Snake Nation (with members of Corrosion Of Conformity), Body & Soul, Still Reign & Rumblefish to name a few. Everyone in Sevendust happened to be friends prior to joining the band. Lajon credits drummer Morgan Rose for bringing together the friends to form Sevendust. “the drummer did it,” Lajon said. “He broke us all up & put us together in this band.” Lajon said the reason for a self titled debut was to make it easier for people to remember the bands name as well as the name of the album. “We had to change our name & by the time everything happened, we went through so many names,” Lajon explained. “So we decided to make it easy since we’re a new band on the scene & it would be easier for people to relate to us better.” The album was recorded in Atlanta during the Summer Olympics. It took Sevendust about two to three months to complete the album. choosing the material for the album wasn’t too difficult for the band, according to Lajon. He said the band had a lot of material written while they were negotiating their record deal, so it was just a matter of putting together “a pumpin’ album that was good enough for a debut release.” Lajon’s favorite cuts off “Sevendust” are “Black” & “Bitch.” “Bitch is about an old roomate of mine & I think a lot of people can relate to what’s going on with that song,” he explained. “Black is a song dealing with how the world is in such shambles & if everyone was as level headed as we are, we would have a much better place to live in.” Sevendust’s debut on TVT Records has been getting a lot of favorable press for the band as well as making lots of headway with the fans. After their tour with The Nixons, Sevendust will be back out on the road with their friends, S.N.O.T. to continue promoting their debut release. Sevendust will also be a guest at the Ozz Fest & are in the process of shooting a video for MTV as well. Things are looking extremely well for Sevendus. Lajon said he’s extremely happy to be able to do what he loves best. “Personally, it’s such a pleasure to have an album out & people actually buying it, singing our songs & actually understanding where we’re coming from. I feel like we’re going to do so much more, but right now, as a 25 year old man getting to do what he loves to do, I’m happy.”

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