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ACHERON – Those Who Have Risen

Acheron have built a name for themselves over the years as a solid, original death metal band and “Those Who Have Risen” points out that fact once again and shows us just why. This, a concept album based on vampyric rites, shows the band sharper than ever. With the production outdoing that of even their last effort (“Anti-God, Anti-Christ”) the way is paved as Acheron perform some fine death metal. Crowley’s vocals are better than ever amidst the mid-paced compositions of strong rhythmic metal. Along the way we are treated to contributions by Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse and David Vincent, formerly of Morbid Angel. Both are brilliant, Corpsegrinder offering his trademark bellowings and Vincent doing his God Of Emptiness type of clean vocal, each of which add an awesome touch to the album! Vocal duties aside, Acheron could stand on its music alone, with their piercing melodic soloing a strong point of their music among the ever-changing material…textured by haunting keyboarding. To know dark, original death metal, you must experience those who have risen.

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