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Dedicated to the late Roman Kozak, the angel of all musical women I used to write a “Gorgeous Ladies of Metal” column for POWERLINE magazine. The column was a romantic but practical look at survival strategies for women in music. I remember hearing that I had destroyed the career of a band called Hari Kari because I felt their lyrics and whole shtick was downtrodden. Ironically, I commented to my friends, “Heck, if my words hurt their career, then I hit the nail on the head as far as what this band is about. So much of survival is about having a good attitude.”

A lot has been going on with four of my favorite women in rock. Wendy O. Williams killed herself, Helen Wheels released a greatest hits compilation, Vixen reunited and finally released a new album called “Tangerine,”—it’s a special lineup of Vixen featuring one of my all-time favorite guitarists, Gina Stile. And then I got a job working for Nancy Chandler-Pittman—the mama behind Delinquent  Records.

All of their stories intertwine with my life.





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