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Sinner: “The Second Decade”

And when the jaws of the alternative revolution momentarily shadowed the metal scene, only those bands laden with uncompromising dedication found the drive to march on with their metal crusade. Among them stood Sinner. Strutting a laundry list of albums, each seemingly more potent than the last, Sinner is quite possibly one of the most deserving bands in terms of a “best of” record. “Bottom Line,” “Judgement Day” and 1998’s “The Nature Of Evil” illustrated some of the band’s most intricately defined bouts of heaviness known to the scene. In fact, “The Nature Of Evil” entered the German Top 100 sales charts at number 68 and became the most successful LP of the band’s career. The three releases pose as the foundation of “The Second Decade,” which has now been released on Nuclear Blast America.

But while the typical “best of” release might make the general listener weary, skeptical and down right hostile, founder and bandleader Mat Sinner and company wanted to stray from the typical expectations of such a record. “The Second Decade” is a Sinner treasury of rarities. The LP features “The Truth Is Out There” with original Sinner skinsman Bernie Van Der Graaf and an acoustic version of the classic “Respect” recorded in Japan. As if that wasn’t enough to peak the senses, “The Second Decade” is beaming with three previously unreleased songs, one of the highlights being a cover version of Accept’s anthem “Balls To The Wall.” Recreated with a touch of Sinner groove (the tune was originally only available on the Accept tribute album). adding to the productions prestige is a live version of the bands battlecry “Born To Rock,” a seeming way of life for members Mat Sinner on vocals and bass, Alex Bewroth and Tom Neumann on guitars (eventually replaced by ex-Thunderhead guitar wizard Henry Wolter), Frank Roessler on keyboards and Fritz Randow on drums. “The Second Decade” closes another chapter in the Sinner library.

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