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Garlic Boys: “Love”

These ever evolving Oska City stalwarts have been kicking out the jams since 1985. During their early years, the bands sound leaned more towards the realm of thrash/hardcore crossover. In 1991 the band released their album “Psycho Thrash” and spent much of the following year touring Japan and opening for such overseas acts as D.R.I. and Exodus. In 1994 after releasing their pivotal “Declaration Of Narcissism” album on Howling Bull , they did both Japanese and U.S. tours with California bands NOFX and All You Can Eat. With the release of their next album, the versatile and diverse, “Poem,” the Boys toured Japan extensively again including shows opening for Sick Of It All and The Offspring. While “Declaration” and “Poem” CD’s incorporated various musical styles into their overall sound, “Love” is a return to a more straight forward musical approach. Definitely not thrash, it is more melodic punk in nature with vocals delivered passionately with heartfelt conviction. The song lyrics are all sung in Japanese and are a curious blending of humor and emotion. However, even if you can’t understand Japanese, the bands goofiness, sincerity and charismatic live shows cross all international boundaries.

Howling Bull America – P.O. Box 40129 – San Francisco Ca. 94140-0129

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