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Sacrificial: “erect:eloquent:extinct”

Sacrificial was formed in August 1990. The band soon caused a lot of stir in the international metal underground with the “91 demo “Lords Of Torment”. In 1993 Sacrificial issued their debut album “Forever Entangled”. An aggressive death thrash album which was very well received. Sadly the local record company closed down and Sacrificial was all of a sudden without a record deal. Four years later Sacrificial reformed for a one-time reunion gig. A few months later the band was reformed for good and a record deal was signed with Mighty Music. They asked producer and old friend Jacob Hansen to help out with the recording and the result is “erect:eloquent:extinct”. A powerful, aggressive and very technical version of modern deathrash. It is easy to hear that Sacrificial has been around for many years, as this definitely is a very competent release.Vermlandsgade 741 tv,
2300 Copenhagen S Denmark

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