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Manticora: “Roots of Eternity”

Manticora was formed in 1996 on the ashes of other Danish underground metal acts. They play a mixture of 80’s power metal (inspired by the likes of Blind Guardian & Helloween) and 90’s semi-progressive metal (Nevermore & Iced Earth). The band received only positive responses on their “Dead End Solution” mini album (released by themselves & their management in 1998) & sold more than 1,000 copies in Denmark alone. That year saw the band playing lots of gigs in their home country and gathering tons of diehard fans. Finally the group signed with the Greek label Black Lotus Records in October 1998. They recorded their first full length album “Roots Of Eternity” in Feb./April 1999 in the Aabenraa Studios in Denmark together with producer Jacob Hansen. The production on the album is crystal clear and totally awesome. This debut CD features 10 powerful metal songs filled with great harmonic guitar sounds, thundering drums, a pounding bass and fantastic vocals on top. Manticora and “Roots Of Eternity…” a band and an album that will make its statement in today’s metal scene. The music doesn’t follow any trends but it will nevertheless appeal to all true metal fans around.

Black Lotus Records – Konstantinoupoleos 72, 172 36, Himittos, Athens, Greece. Tele: +301-9767580 Fax: +301-9767590

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