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Tom Gabriel Fischer: “Are You Morbid: Into The Pandemonium Of Celtic Frost”


As a music journalist, there are people out there who are under the impression that I know everything about every band that ever was. I do have a rather extensive knowledge about music, but, I DO NOT know it all. I felt I should explain that before I get into this review because Celtic Frost is a band that I know by name alone. I have never heard their music and I knew nothing of their history until I read this book.

I finished the book in a matter of days because, once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. The story of Celtic Frost and the way it was told was rather captivating. Tom Fischer not only wrote a book on the life of the band he founded, he also wrote a book that is a cautionary tale for any band that thinks a record deal will lead them to fame and fortune. Before I say anymore, I would like to make a suggestion to anyone reading this review. I don’t care if you’re a fan of Celtic Frost or not, you should read this book, especially if you’re a musician. So, you have faith in your talent? You believe in what you’re doing? Do you really think that all matters in the business that is called music?

As a founding member of Celtic Frost, Fischer gives you a first hand account on what really goes on behind the scenes in the music industry. You won’t find a story like this on VH1, this goes above and beyond the simple rise and fall of a band.

Fischer gives a detailed account of his musical life, from his early days with Hellhammer and through the up’s and down’s that made Celtic Frost the legendary band they now are. The only thing is, legendary status had a price, which, during the course of their career, the members of Celtic Frost would find out first hand.

Friendships are pushed to the limit, there’s competition between other bands during a time when it shouldn’t be that way, there’s cheap sex and alcohol, there’s record label support that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. There’s bad judgement calls that hold the band back from the greatness they so richly deserve. Feelings are hurt, there’s knives in the back, trust is abused and faith is put to the ultimate test.

But, it’s not all a tale of sadness and woe. Through it all, love is found, tours are successful, albums released have an impact beyond all imagination. There is victory in dark times, for Celtic Frost, with all they had to go through, was a band that would not be denied.

For Celtic Frost fans, this book is a must read. For everyone else, this is the most important book that has ever been written on the subject of music. It’s a book that every hungry, up and coming musician can learn from. How far are you willing to go to take your music music to the next level. Is that trip to Hell and back really worth it? Read this book and find out for yourself.

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