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Wolfpac: “Evil Is…”

In just a few short years, Philadelphia’s Wolfpac has stirred up a cyclone of controversy in its hometown, stemming originally from the group’s alleged involvement an illegal Halloween warehouse party gone awry and backed up by an extraordinarily chaotic live show. “It’s controlled chaos,” says Wolfpac founder and leader Daddy Long Legs. “There is no format. We do what we want when we want. It falls down to the energy.” Wolfpac’s flavor is hard, energetic, and straight up. They kick it old-school hip-hop style with five MC’s and one sick, enormous DJ blending hip hop beats and a mix of hard-core and metal samples. Their in-your-face rap style is tempered with over the top horror-core lyrics, far from the same old “mom and dad just don’t understand/kick back with a bong” suburban rap lyric of today. “Evil is…,” the second release from the hard-hitting sextet and first for Megaforce Records, unfurls sundry uncanny topics, from coming back from the dead to exact revenge upon peers, to the proper ways of making love to a corpse.

Wolfpac’s origins stem from the Philadelphia area’s the BloodHound Gang, the group whose massive-selling independent Dingleberry Haze debut earned them a major label bidding war. After landing a deal with Columbia Records, this wacky troop released Use Your Fingers, which went to sell almost 100,000 copies nationwide. Soon after the album’s release, one of the main founding members, Daddy Long Legs, left the BloodHound Gang and went on to form Wolfpac.

Daddy Long Legs’ method of financing his new endeavor’s first recording would set the tone for the future. “I robbed graves and sold the bones to occult stores,” he explains. Somthin’ Wicked This Way Comes, the result of Daddy Long Legs’ nocturnal work, was released via Chord Recordings and has since officially sold out of its limited edition 10,000 copies, without the help – or confines – of a major label. Instead of a million-dollar promotion push, Wolfpac focused its growth on building a fanatical cult following, developed through word-of-mouth, touring, the Internet, and storming the Howard Stern Show – eventually making a fan of Stern himself. Aside from winning over the King of All Media, Wolfpac have several other notches in their belts – sponsorships from Jagermeister, Puma, and Wet sex lube, their music featured prominently in the Shane’s World adult series, and porn star Jenna Jameson as the cover model on both full-lengths. As the name might suggest, Wolfpac goes beyond mere music. Their shows are highly interactive, with the MCs in the midst of the pit as often as on stage and their fans nearly as vocal as the MCs. “Our fans are like our family,” Daddy Long Legs says. Once described a the Wu-Tang Clan meets the Misfits on crack, Wolfpac’s unconventional approach has found appeal with fans from all walks of life. “It’s so cool,” he says. “There’s kids in ADIDAS suits with sunvisors standing next to the kid with fishnets and eyeliner standing next to a guy with straight-edge Xs on his hands and a Hatebreed shirt on next to a kid with a mullet.”

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