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Thy Majestie: “The Lasting Power”

A new epic/power symphonic metal sensational act from the lands of Rhapsody, Labyrinth and Vision Divine. Thy Majestie!

The band formed back in 1998, originally under the moniker of Thy Majesty and leaded by Giuseppe Bondi (keyboards) and Claudio Diprima (drums); later Maurizio Malta (guitars), Giovanni Santini (guitars), Michele Cristofalo (bass) and Dario Grillo (vocals) joined the band. In March 1999, they recorded the first demo, “Perpetual Glory,” that was enthusiastically reviewed in all the Italian metal magazines (Metal Hammer tributed the band as demo band of the month). After some personal problems, Cristofalo left the band and was replaced by the new bass player Dario D’Alessandro. Just before the recording session of the debut album, “The Lasting Power,” the band decided to change their name in Thy Majestie due to the fact that another German band had the same moniker.

It’s almost impossible to underline all the influences of the band. Even if the style could be labeled as epic/power symphonic metal, Thy Majestie are here to prove that they can create a personal style, full of different atmospheres and emotions that match together power metal, progressive rock, medieval, folk and classical music. “The Lasting Power” mirrors different musical shades, power, energy, melody, drama, passion and technique. An incredible performance evaluated by the guest act of the famous “Teatro Massimo Choir (from Palermo) that gives the entire concept an astonishing vibration and and incredible emotional impact. But the true heavy metal soul of the band is the most important feature of “The Lasting Power.” Just listen to the aggressive rhythm arrangements and the powerful double bass drum, the vocals and the solos. Various and original with continuous tempo changes, the musical feeling of Thy Majestie results to be fresh and impressive in spite of the length of the tracks featured in the album. The arrangements were created to be mighty and melodic at the same time and an important role is done by the keyboards with medieval and symphonic melodies. The guitars run with powerful riffs and the strong rhythm sections gives to the songs a dynamic impact. The main vocal melodies & the choirs provide to turn the songs even more powerful and majestic. “The Lasting Power” is a concept album based on a story about the eternal fight between good and evil, full of fantasy influences, with a teller that explains the steps of the Thy Majestie’s adventure. Arter, a warrior, who has to bring back the peace to his reign. The album is studded by intros with the goal to bring the listener just there, inside the story. To the battlefield, to the forest, onto the banks of the enchanted lake…to Thy Majestie World!

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