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Labyrinth: “Sons of Thunder”

Labyrinth’s beginings are not unlike most metal bands that pay their dues in the underground, honing their chops and songwriting skills. Their evolution to one of Italy’s & Europe’s premiere power metal band is far from ordinary.

The original line up came together in 1991, jamming in a garage , setting high expectations for themselves. It was not until 1994 that they felt comfortable enough to lay down the tracks that would make up their first demo, “Midnight Resistance.” amazing reviews in their homeland followed and quickly spread throughout Europe. Indie labels from all over the continent came courting. The band settled with the newly spawned Underground Symphony label who released the bands first EP, “Piece Of Time.” The groups pure melodic speed metal sound combined with odd keyboard tones set the entire German & Italian underground metal scene abuzz. Striking while the iron was hot, they released a full length, “No Limits,” in 1995.

Despite positive momentum, friction existed with singer Joe Terry (Fabio Lione). Fabio opted to leave and re-join old school mates Athena (and later on he’d record with another Italian powerhouse, Rhapsody). without missing a beat, vocalist Rob Tyrant (Roberto Tiranti) was enlisted to record demos for their next album. It was these demos that would secure them a deal with Metal Blade. A year in the making, “Return To Heaven Denied” hit the shops. Mega sales in Italy and Germany and high profile performances 1998’s Gods Of Metal, Dynamo, Wacken and Bang Your Head festivals proved they were the real deal.

In fall of 1999, the band recorded their third and most poised album to date, “Sons Of Thunder,” in Milan Italy, with producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche/Nevermore). After several attempts at the mix, Italy’s premier metal stalwarts are ready to ascend to new heights. “Sons Of Thunder” is yet another chapter in the bands continuing quest to bring the world it’s trademark irreverent speedy riffs under soaring melodic vocals.

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