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Warhorse: “As Heaven Turns to Ash”

To understand how Warhorse created its debut album, “As Heaven Turns To Ash,” it’s almost irrelevant to discuss its past. Not that they arose from hell and mysteriously appeared in human form. Rather every Warhorse performance be it live or in the studio is played solely in that moment and as if each note played might be the last. Of course, backround information plays some part in unlocking the secret of Warhorse and the influences/past experiences the members have endured brought them where they are. But divulging too much past information may cloud judgement of what they’re offering now. The band is adamant to let it be known that “As Heaven Turns To Ash” is their debut recording. Even though different incarnations of Warhorse have released various recordings. So instead of boring “who met who” and “what members have left”, here is a brief overview of the “past.” The band formed in late 1996. In the words of drummer Mike Hubbard, “We wanted to do really heavy stuff with massive low end, stuff with groove. Total Sabbath worship with a bit of Sleep and EyeHateGod tossed in. True doom.” Members were previously in brutal death metal bands Desolate, Rancid Christ and Infestation. Infestation played with everyone from Cathedral, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Incantation. The singer went onto Cryptopsy. The Warhorse sound uses a unique mix of dark quiet passages contrasted with brutal heavy doom. Influences as varied as Pink Floyd, Swans, Melvins, Deep Purple, Grief, Hendrix, Cream….can all be heard within the massive Warhorse wall of sound.

Warhorse are ready for battle!


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