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Underground Zine Scene

Magazine size, newspaper print publication that seems a little thin. But, it’s loaded with information and, for those of you who are interested in knowing just what’s out there, what’s hot and what’s not, this publication is a very worth read. Let’s examine the issue I have before me, which is number fourteen. Excellent cover with Balance Of Power on the cover. As you page through this issue, you’ll find interviews with Balance Of Power…of course, they’re on the cover…Katagory V, Jim Matus, Silent Exile, Symmetry, Aztec Jade and Elmer. From there you go into the zine reviews and, of course, music reviews, which cover a lot of the current releases that are floating around from magazine to magazine. With that said, I’d like to make a small point here, one which most of you should already be aware of…most record labels have a number of independent publications that they send material to for review. If you really wanna know what’s creating a buzz around the world, be sure to pick up a publication such as Underground Zine Scene and, if they’re writing about something else, you can pretty much guarantee that everyone else is writing about the same thing. So, if you see an album or two getting numerous positive reviews in different publications, well, that should tell you something. You’ll have to read a few different publications, which, once again, I’m sure most of you do, to see who everyone is talking about. But, if you’re new to this whole music scene, which is a way of life for most of us self made writers/editors, you need to know what magazines to check out. Well, make sure that the Underground Zine Scene is one of your choices because you can’t go wrong with this one.

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