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The Iron Maidens @ Hougie Barmichael’s

Ladies & Gentleman, Earthdogs & Hellrats, please welcome… The all female tribute to, you guessed it, Iron Maiden! In all my years of doing show reviews I’m struggling to recall another moment when I felt the intensity of such a scorching performance. The vibrato soaked voice of Jenny Warren (ex-Wrathchild) captures every inflection with her ‘Bruce Chickenson’ character, while sometime shapeshifting into ‘Paulina Di’anno’ for some traditional stuff. Guitar duo JoJo Tarus & Sara Marsh (famed for their works in Phantom Blue & Bandit), cover the roles of ‘Adrianne Smith, Davina Murray & Denice Stratton’, with stylings of multiple Maiden fret shredders. The rhythm section of drummer Linda McDonald (also from Phantom Blue) aka Clivette Burr/Nicki McBrain, and bassist Steve Heiress (get it?) appropriately represented by New Eden’s Melanie Sisineros, is incredibly accurate. Maidenheads from way back should recognize that the band wisely chose early material like Aces High, Two Minutes to Midnight, The Trooper, Flight Of Icarus, Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and from the first album, Iron Maiden! Hell, just the guest appearance of a seven foot tall Eddie makes this is something any rivethead should witness first hand. Visit them @

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