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Saxon: “Rock N’ Roll Gypsies”

Saxon have had their “Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsies” live album re-issued in Europe through the Connoisseur Collection label. The CD features 12 remastered tracks including two bonus songs. “The Eagle Has Landed” and “Just Let Me Rock,” which were not on the original vinyl release. First released on the Roadrunner label in 1990, the album has been updated with new artwork and comprehensive sleeve notes. The full track listing is “Power And The Glory,” “And The Bands Played On,” “The Eagle Has Landed,” “Just Let Me Rock,” “Rock The Nations,” “Dallas 1PM,” “Broken Heroes,” “Battle Cry,” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Gipsy,” “Northern Lady,” “I Can’t Wait Anymore,” “This Town Rocks.” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Gypsies” was recorded in Eastern Europe during the bands year long promotional tour for their last EMI album, “Destiny.” During that year, the band experienced various personnel changes with both Paul Johnson (bass) and Nigel Durham (drums) leaving the band. This recording captured the new line up of Bif Byford (vocals), Grahm Oliver (guitar), Paul Quinn (guitar), Nibbs Carter (bass) and Nigel Glockler (drums). Saxon were formed in the late 1970’s emerging into the mainstream as part of the new wave of British heavy meal alongside Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and many others. hey recorded a string of hit albums and singles for EMI through to 1988 before parting company with the label. The band still remain popular on the continent in one form or other with Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson at the forefront of Olive Dawson Saxon while Biff Byford and Paul Quinn continue with their version of the band.

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