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Canned Heat: “Live in Oz: Featuring Walter Trout”

Mystic Records are proud to re-release this little piece of rock history, one of the world’s number one boogie rock bands augmented by guitarist Walter Trout who has become acknowledged as a master of the blues/rock field. The CD was recorded shortly after the death of lead vocalist Bob Hite. An Australian tour had been booked for Canned Heat and with prompting from the promoter, drummer Fito De La Parra was persuaded to put another band together. The tour was a great success and led to the rebirth of Canned Heat, which has taken them through their thirtieth anniversary and beyond. Of Walter Trout, he has gone on to become one of the most popular live acts on the circut and listening to “Live In Oz,” it’s easy to see why. Whether turning out blistering solos or matching licks with Mike Halbey, Walter is on fire. The exciting guitar work matched by a powerhouse rhythm section of Fito and Ernie Rodriguez backed by the great harp playing of Mike Halbey make “Live In Oz” one fantastic play. All the hits are there, “On The Road Again,” “Goin’ Up Country” and “Let’s Work Together.” History in the making!

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