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Halford Guitarist Metal Mike Chlasciak Talk’s Hard with Guitarist PAUL NELSON (Liege Lord)

Metal Mike: Paul, here is my first compliment to you. I have really enjoyed your “look” solo release and I do not particularly like fusion type based music. There I said it, Metal Mike likes a fusion album …. I thought the CD was very well arranged and interesting to listen to. You still showed your proficiency on the guitar, but you really made a cool statement. The sound/production quality is also 1st class, great. When did you get interested in that type of music? 

PN: Thanks man! I got interested in that style when I attended Berklee College of music being a big fan of groups like UFO, Judas Priest, Sabbath (believe it or not) when I went in. Fusion type music, Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, DiMeola, you name it seemed to be my happy medium between Jazz and my heavier tastes. Studying with Steve Vai and Steve Khan didn’t hurt either. LOL

MM: When was “Look” released and judging from your favorable press you must be pretty happy with the way it was received? You sure did a lot of legwork in getting this album to all the press, etc. 

PN: 2001 and yes I was very pleasantly surprised by all the good press, airplay and sales and the fact that my fans who knew me from my heavier side allowed me to stretch without cutting my head of. I mean I do my own thing anyway but it’s great when you have support without desertion. As far as promotion I do have management which is important as well publicists to help out spreading info but a lot still rests on my shoulders as well, at least for this type of project.

MM: People in the Metal Community mostly must know you from your guitar playing in the Metal Blade act Liege Lord. Tell me more about the band. When were the records were released? You guys did something recently right at the Wacken Festival? On that note, also tell me about that Warner video… 

PN: Liege Lord released 3 albums, Freedoms Rise on Black Dragon Records and when I joined Brian Slagel of Metal Blade signed us and we released Burn to my Touch and Master Control in the later half of the eighties. To my surprise all of our catalogue was re-released due the bands cult status over the years. Yes, this lead to a reunion show at the Wacken Open Air fest in Germany where Joe Comeau (Vocalist on Master Control) and I performed. An estimated 40,000 + attended the fest and after words an interview along with some live footage I did was included on a VHS/DVD documentary released this year by Nuclear Blast/Warner

MM: Paul, you seem to be very involved in self promotion. I mean really doing it right, professionally and all. I know from my own experience, the packages take so much time, etc. I always fight between actually playing guitar and telling people about it, ha. Do you sometimes fight the same demons? 

PN: Yes! All the time. I’m very involved and you are so right practice,promote,record,travel,practice,promote,travel,record,promote oh yea sleep if you can. What a life!!! You gotta love it…

MM: I see you on many guitar based albums benefiting Jason Becker, NYC, etc. Do you think that there is a slight more interest, even a weird resurgence in the guitar circle world? 

PN: The Jason Becker tribute and upcoming NYC benefit CD that you and I are both on are very special projects to me as I’m sure to you as well, to have your guitar playing help do such good really makes it all worth it. In answer to your other question the Internet has been very instrumental (no pun intended) in helping the guitar and all it’s musical off shoots become more in demand. It’s about time!!! –

MM: Tell me about some of the tribute albums you will be a part of in the near future. I have heard some Century Media related releases? What are your other current projects… what are you working on now? 

PN: Joe Comeau and I were asked to take part in 2 tributes for Century Media so we recorded the song “Too Scared to Run” for their Uriah Heep Tribute and “Dungeons are Calling” for their Savatage tribute due out soon world wide. It was great to work in the studio with Joe again the tracks came out really well. I just finished shooting footage for the NYC Charity DVD discussing the song we covered (Speak by Queensryche) and my thoughts regarding 9/11. I will have a track on Jason Becker Vol ll there are a whole lot of albums and things are in the works. I guess my website would be a good place to go for more specific info.

MM: Paul, you have done a lot of stuff from clinics along side of George Lynch, Vivian Cambell, to recording with Liege Lord for Metal Blade to touring worldwide, to scoring for TV. What else do you want to do with your playing and music? 

PN: Writing and playing the guitar music for the WWF’s XFL (Extreme football League) was a blast having your music blasted in every major stadium in the country and televised to over 13 million the first night alone on NBC, TNN, and UPN really helps one get excited about TV and Film scoring. I’ve done many commercials here and in Europe and enjoy that aspect of music very much. I do want to continue to record solo albums and keep up with the clinics, touring, and guest spot recording.

MM: What can we expect from Liege Lord in the future. More shows, or albums perhaps? 


PN: As long as the fans continue to want more from Liege Lord we will do our best to oblige anything is possible.

MM: Which manufacturing companies to you have a working relationship with, which products do you endorse and why? 

PN: I currently have endorsement agreements with Ernie Ball Strings and DiMarzio Pickups. Ernie Ball lists all of their artists on the back of each one of their string packs marketed globally. I’m honored that they have recently included my name among their prestigious list of guitarists. I have been using their products, as well as DiMarzio pickups which are in all of my guitars, for many years now. In the past, as seen in guitar magazine ads, I have been with companies such as ESP, Randall and Dean Markley.

MM: Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez? 

PN: Can I have a sandwich?

MM: Tell me where interested fans can purchase your releases and get inside the Paul Nelson guitar world. 

PN: All Liege Lord albums are available everywhere world wide. I guess the most direct route would be through My solo project “Look” can also be found just about everywhere. The easiest might be to go to my official web site: or even Amazon etc…

MM: Paul, thanks for your time. I have enjoyed doing this, best of luck with your playing, your hard work deserves the best. And all you readers check out Paul’s albums …. Metal Mike says so!! 

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