Hard Expressions

Introducing Artist Dave Robert

David Robert was born in Cambridge, England. During his youth, he developed a fascination with cemeteries; during his teen years, he melded that fascination with photography, and started taking pictures of various graveyards in England and Wales.

These days, living in Reno, Nevada, David has expanded his subject matter to include another fascination: music. He loves the energy and drama of the live concert shot, and he’s photographed bands ranging from the Deftones to Slaves on Dope, travelling to venues throughout the West Coast.

David is the contributing photo editor of the Reno News & Review, the award-winning alternative weekly newspaper covering Northern Nevada. In addition to being published in the RN&R, David’s work has appeared in Gig magazine and on websites for bands such as Union Undergound, Mission UK and Morpheus Sister, not to mention various local and regional band websites.

David continues to travel the West Coast, photographing live shows and — old habits die hard — graveyards. You can view David’s work on his Website at Be sure to check out “The Bone Orchard” section. You can also see his work at

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