Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Ben Jackson

Name: Ben Jackson

Playing (years): 24 years

Style: Hard rock, heavy melodic metal

Gear: Guitars I use are Jackson soloists mainly plus a Jackson King V, also an Ovation acoutic I use quite a lot. I’m using a Johnson Millenium amp right now but I like to use different amps to record like Marshall 50 watt Jcm 900’s are great to try or a Boogie rectifier, I have even used a Tom Shultz Rockman’s to record some things and A.D.A. m.p.1’s on some tracks. Effects by Digitech, Lexicon, T.C. Electronics and more.

Endorsements: Currently self sufficient

Past Accomplishments: One of the founding members of Crimson Glory, played guitar on the first two records released in 1986 and 1988, Formed the band Parish in early 90’s and released one C.D. in 1995, Started a solo career in 1998 and released 1st C.D. in 2002.

Current and upcoming projects: The Ben Jackson Group is presently working on our second C.D. A heavy project with alluring hooks and melodies, we can’t wait to explode on this one.

Favorite guitarist: Hard to name just one, How about Jimmy Page, Mick Ralphs, Joe Walsh, Pat Travers, Jeff Beck, Ted Nugent and Joe Perry and can’t leave out Rossington/Collins and there are so many more I could mention.

Most underated players: Brad Whitford of Aerosmith really rocks, Malcolm Young does not get the attention like Angus but he is awesome too. Nugent is an amazing player.

Best musican you’ve ever seen: There are so many great ones but I can say Pat Travers live and up close is impressive guitar playing to say the least and Zakk Wylde is a furious guitar player who will blow your mind, it is all up to what you like and I like a lot af musicians from all types of rock.

Four words that best describes what you want to get across in your playing: Strength, Expression, Emotion, Magnetism

Your hero: My Father

Ultimate goal: To bring out the good in people through music and connect with the listener in a positive way. To live a peaceful, hard working and honest life.: )

Contact: Ben Jackson 32104 Sarasota, FL 34239


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