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Imagine hardcore and metal as twin brothers separated at birth. Now imagine that they have finally been reunited, and this record is the result. The genre of metallic hardcore has been growing steadily in the past year, with bands such as Thrice, Hatebreed, Living Sacrifice and Darkest Hour leading the way. Avenged Sevenfold is fast becoming a shining star on the scene, and with good reason. On this, their debut album, they aim to astound. The songs are fairly complex, blending deadly hardcore rhythms with some incredibly hot metal licks. The vocals vary from a Dickinson-esque aria to a metal growl. There’s great big, epic guitar parts, a la Iron Maiden, pig squeals in all the right places, and enough hardcore to make you pump your fist in the air with reckless abandon. If you buy ten cds this year, do yourself a favor and let this be one of them.

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