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SLUDGE! The Voice Of The Underground Interview with Dave Orkin

With the release of 1997’s ‘New Jersey Hate Core’ demo, Sludge! managed to create a swelling buzz around the band. They sold / traded nearly 4,000 demos in a very short period of time. Bolstered by a frequent and well-attended live performances.

In 1998, they released their second demo entitled ‘Alone & Twisted’. This release unleashed a torrent of national and international underground music supporters from hard music radio airplay, interviews, distribution, reviews in the underground extreme music press.

Sludge! wanted to prove their dedication to the underground music scene by releasing the ‘Throatwrench’ 7 inch EP featuring two new tracks of heavy, unique metallic doomy hardcore to the masses. This extremely limited edition (300), hand numbered colored (clear green) vinyl release solidified the band’s reputation amongst vinyl collectors. The 7 inch sold out in nearly two weeks. 95% of the release went straight to the European market.

This EP helped land a releasing deal with a small label called Twist of Faith Records, the now defunked label at the end of 1999. ‘Behavior Modification Theory,’ the band’s first full length CD was released to much fanfare. To celebrate, Sludge! went on a series of mini-road tours to promote the disc an meet with fans across the east coast and mid-west.

Now Sludge! moves forward to 2003 with the release of ‘As A Man Thinketh.’ The new self released, A ten track CD which demonstrates what five years of musical evolution does for a band, musically and lyrically. Sludge! defines the era with their own brand of stomp-metal. An off-beat and time changing sound divides Sludge! from the rest of the new metal-core bands emerging of late.

1) Introduce the Sludge! Family to our readers?

Dan Snyder(Vocals/Guitar) | Dave Orkin (Guitar/Promotions) James Scarduzio (Drums) | Paul Orkin (Bass Guitar)

2) How long has Sludge! been going?

Dave: Sludge! has been around for 6 years now. It doesn’t even feel that long at all.

3) In your own words describe the band’s sound & influences?

Dave: The sound of Sludge! is very unique I think with four different people having four different influences rangng from bands like Clutch being one of our favorite band, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Pink Floyd, Yes, The Melvins, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Slayer, etc. The sound is very heavy with doomy and stoner rock influences as well as hardcore and off-beat timings. Can’t really put your finger on it too well at one time.

4) Name some bands in which you’ve shared the stage & opened?

Dave: 25 Ta Life, Internal Bleeding, Mortal Decay, Vicious Circle, Bloodbourne, etc.

5) Where & what studio did the production take place of “As The Man Thinketh”? –

Dave: We did something a little different this time around. We went to studio master Bill Berends at Lake Side Studio in Brown Mills, NJ. Bill is also noticed for his progressive metal band Mastermind on Inside Out America and his work with all the 80’s thrash bands as well. I believe he even mixed the first S.O.D. album at his studio. We recorded with him back in December of 2001. It took longer than we thought to get the CD out because we were looking for the right label, but since our sound changed some we had to release it ourselves for now.

6) What is the current scene like in your local area & how does your band fit in?

Dave: Current scene, it all depends where you play. There’s a couple of places that except original metal bands. But not too many. We can fit with just about any kind of metal band that plays around here. Our moto is try to keep the band as original sounding as possible.

7) What’s the bands long & short term goals as far as touring, recording, writing ect?

Dave: We have no short term goals, only long term. Play heavy music around the world for a long as we can. We’re always writing, wait til we go record the next album.

8) What would you say is your biggest gripe about the music industry?

Dave: Biggest gripe about labels are the metal music that gets signed today is pretty fucking lame bro. They consider Papa Roach and Audioslave to be metal. LOL. That’s a fucking joke and even underground metal is also starting to get real generic. Bands are useing the same damn break-down parts in every song. It gets real boring real fast.

9) Has there been any label interest ?

Dave: We sent out a bunch of press kits to labels and we really haven’t heard anything since we don’t have a manager to back us up yet. But that looks like it’s going to all change this year.

10) Get many chick’s while on the road doing dates?

Dave: I’ve actually never tried. There’s really no time too when you’re traveling state to states. Besides, all of us have relationships anyways to come home too.

11) Do you think the United States should go to war & what are some of your views on this?

Dave: Well, I don’t really believe in war myself. But, it does look like it’s gonna have to happen sooner or later to get our message across to these people.

12)Any thing you wish ad?

Dave: Check us out on the web site @ | New CD ‘As A man Thinketh’ is available for $15ppd anywhere in the world. E-mail me for more information @ PEACE!

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