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What would you get if you took Megadeth, Corrosion of Conformity, and Godsmack, and threw ’em in a pot and cooked ’em up??? What you’d get is a raw & rugged sound called VooDoo Lordz VooDoo Lordz is a power trio from the outskirts of Detroit currently pandering it’s “Life’s Games” disc.

Introduce The VooDoo Lordz line-up to our readers?

– VooDoo Lordz is a power trio from Detroit consisting of Chris (axe, vox), Mike (bass, vox), and Pete (skins, backup vox).

How long has VDLz been in existance?

– VDL has been around since mid-2000.

In your own words describe the band’s sound & influences?

– VooDoo Lordz is basically stripped down, guitar driven, raw & rugged rock n roll. We have too many influences to list here, but, basically, it’s everything from Mudhoney to Minor Threat to Metallica. Apart from the music, I think we draw alot from personal shit, too. We’re a bunch of neurotic freaks.

Name some bands in which you’ve shared the stage & opened?

– Clutch, Systematic, Quiet Riot (I’ll admit it, “Bang Your Head!!!!”)

Where & what studio did the production of Life Games take place?

– Life’s Games was recorded, mixed, mastered, polished, and shellacked at Tempermill Studios in Ferndale, Michigan (Detroit)

What is the current scene like in your local area & how does your band fit in?

– We think the scene blows; bands don’t get any support from club owners around here. And not many bands are willing to work together to create something, either. We’re not sure if and where we fit among all that. It seems that the Detroit acts that have managed to make music their full time career become popular elsewhere at first, not in Detroit.

What’s the bands long & short term goals as far as touring, recording, writeing ect ?

– Currently, we’re at the beginning stages of a radio promo campaign. In the first week alone, our CD was added to 54 stations nationwide. We’re hoping to gain some exposure and see where it takes us. We’re not limiting ourselves. We’d like to get some label support and get back into the studio in the next year or so. Our best music has yet to be developed.

Does the band write as as unit or each on their own?

A combination of both. A lot of times, one of us will come up with a basic arrangement; as a group we then clean it up. The best songs are those that come together quickly, when we find ourselves struggling with something, we’ll scrap it and start over.

What would you say is your biggest gripe about the music industry?

Too many scumbags, but I guess that’s in all types of industries.

Has there been any label interest ?

Yeah, but we let our lawyer handle that.

Any thing you wish ad ?

Just that the underground is made up of tons of great bands, probably, some of the best bands in the world. There’s an endless supply of awesome music out there, fans just need to keep exploring and finding it…I know I keep finding new music that blows my mind. And thanks to everyone for all your continued support.

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