Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Ken Tamplin

NAME: Ken Tamplin

PLAYING (YEARS): 33 years

STYLE: Flash Blues, Melodic Rock, Flamenco

GEAR: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Marshall, Fender Strat, Sustainiac, Laravee’ Acoustic, Goya Flamenco.

ENDORSEMENTS: Fernandes Guitars, SKB Cases, LR Baggs Acoustic Pre-Amps

PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: KEN TAMPLIN Film / Television Composition MAJOR MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACKS. INSPECTOR GADGET/THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY (Re-Record The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) PERFECT STORM (Source Cue #9 “The Freezer Scene”) CHARLIE’S ANGELS (1999-2000) (Hey Homey + Get With It) THE MOD SQUAD (1999-2000) (“Trippin’ + “Tower Of Love”) THE WATERBOY (1998) / THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY (The House of the Rising Sun + No One To Run With) MAJOR LEAGUE III (1998) / WARNER -MORGAN CREEK (Turning Japanese + The Good, the Bad, the Ugly) WILD AMERICA (1997) / WARNER –
MORGAN CREEK (Burn It Down + Suzie Q + A Little Dew From Heaven + Let Me Off) TELEVISION ACE VENTURA/NICKELODEON (Pet Detective/Theme Song) FRIENDS (She Has A Way About Her) FRANCIS COPPOLA’S FIRST WAVE / SCI-FI CHANNEL (Not Without You) THE X FILES (The Shadow Creeps, Black Velvet Shoes, Something Sacred) ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT (Black Velvet Shoes + Walkin’ On The Strand + 80 LB. Face + Watts It To Ya) MELROSE PLACE (She Has A Way About Her) BAYWATCH (Rip-Tide + Funsmugglin’) SISTER, SISTER (Groove Me) THE HOWIE MANDEL SHOW (Funkadelic) ON DISNEY NOW! (Quiet Storm, Cliff’s Of Sardinia) Additional songwriting credits include: KISS -“I CONFESS” release; CARNIVAL OF SOULS / the final sessions, 1998 KEN TAMPLIN Awards & Nominations AWARDS 1994 Dove Award for Best Heavy Metal Songs: “Dancing on a Volcano” & “Testify” 1989 Dove Award for Best Heavy Metal Album: Shout / In Your Face 1989 Dove Award for Best Heavy Metal Song: Shout / “Give Me An Answer” NOMINATIONS 1996 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Album In the Witness Box 1996 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Song “Death By Inches” 1995 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Song “In the Lap of Legends” 1994 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Album Tamplin 1992 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Album Magdallan / Big Bang 1991 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Album An Axe To Grind 1988 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Song Shout / “It Won’t Be Long” 1988 Dove Award Nomination for Best Metal/Hard Rock Song Shout / “Shout” TELEVISION NATIONAL COMMERCIALS HONDA MOTOR COMPANY JAPAN 2,001 “Stand By Me” With Ken Tamplin HONDA MOTOR COMPANY JAPAN 2,000 “The Way You Feel About It” FORD MOTOR CORPORATION: 2,000 “Straight Ahead” With Eric Clapton HONDA MOTOR COMPANY: 2,000 “Life” Starring Ashley Judd MATTEL 2,000 “Slammers” HONDA MOTOR COMPANY 1999 NISSAN 1998 “Mania” With Infectious Grooves JAPAN AIRLINES 1997 SHAKEY’S PIZZA 1994 “Have Fun At Shakey’s” LUX SHAMPOO 1993 “The Difference Is You” MILLER BREWING COMPANY 1992 “It’s Miller” With Ken Tamplin KEN TAMPLIN Discography 2001 TAMPLIN MAKE ME YOUR VOICE (SPRING HILL/EMI) 1999 TAMPLIN: WHERE LOVE IS (CEE’M RECORDS -EUROPE) 1998 SHOUT: BACK (Z RECORDS WORLDWIDE) 1997 TAMPLIN: THE COLORS OF CHRISTMAS (CEE’M RECORDS-EUROPE) 1996 TAMPLIN: WE THE PEOPLE (BENSON / LIBERTY WORLDWIDE) 1995 TAMPLIN: IN THE WITNESS BOX (BENSON / LIBERTY / JVC) 1994 COMPILATION: GOIN’ HOME (ALFA / BRUNETTE -JAPAN) 1993 TAMPLIN: TAMPLIN (BENSON / IRS / ALFA) 1992 SHOUT: AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS (FRONTLINE) 1992 MAGDALLAN: BIG BANG (CHAMELEON / CAPITOL / FRONTLINE) 1991 TAMPLIN: SOUL SURVIVOR (FRONTLINE) 1991 TAMPLIN: ANGELICA (FRONTLINE) 1990 TAMPLIN: THE POWER TEAM (FRONTLINE) 1990 TAMPLIN: AN AXE TO GRIND (FRONTLINE) 1989 SHOUT: IN YOUR FACE (FRONTLINE / MUSIC FOR NATIONS / JVC) 1988 SHOUT: IT WON’T BE LONG (FRONTLINE / MUSIC FOR NATIONS / JVC) 1987 JOSHUA: INTENSE DEFENSE (BMG WORLDWIDE) 1985 JOSHUA: SURRENDER (POLYDOR / VIRGIN / ENIGMA) 1982 JOSHUA: THE HAND IS QUICKER THAN THE EYE (ENIGMA) KEN TAMPLIN CCM Rock/Metal Chart #1 Singles 1995 TAMPLIN “Testify” 1992 MAGDALLAN “Big Bang” 1992 MAGDALLAN “Radio Bikini” 1992 MAGDALLAN “House of Dreams” 1991 TAMPLIN “Love’s Eternal Road” 1990 TAMPLIN “Livin'” 1989 SHOUT “In Your Face” 1989 SHOUT “Give Me An Answer” 1988 SHOUT “Find A Way” 1988 SHOUT “It Won’t Be Long” 1988 SHOUT “Shout” 1988 SHOUT “Winners or Losers” Video Airplay TAMPLIN “Save Me” TAMPLIN “Dancing on a Volcano” TAMPLIN “Slavetrade” TAMPLIN “Feed Me” TAMPLIN “Livin'” VARIOUS “Hot Metal IV” SHOUT “Give Me An Answer” SHOUT “Live In Europe”

CURRENT & UPCOMING PROJECTS: “Wake The Nations” CD with special guests: Reb Beach /Guitar (Whitesnake/Winger/Dokken) Doug Aldridge /Guitar (Whitesnake/Dio/House Of Lords/etc) Kee Marcello /Guitar (Europe) Richie Kotzen /Guitar (Mr. Big and Poison) Marty Friedman /Guitar (Megadeth) Jeff Watson /Guitar (Night Ranger) Mattias Eklundh /Guitar (Freak Kitchen, currently signed to Steve Vai’s label) Pete


/Guitar (Harem Scarem) Jeff Scott Soto /Vocals (Yngwie Malmsteen/Talisman) Scott Van Zen /Guitar (LA Guitar Wars Winner) Howie Simon /Guitar (Jeff Scott Soto) Stevie Salas/Guitar (Stevie Salas) Drums: Glen Sobel (Beautiful Creatures/Impelliteri) Bass: Daniel Pearson (Coolio/Jennifer Lopez) Keys: Ed Roth (Glenn Hughs/Mya/Impelliteri) Philip Bardowell/Background Vocals

FAVORITE GUITARISTS: for rhythm-Angus Young and Eddie Van Halen, for lead-Satriani, Stevie Ray, Strunz and Farah, David Gilmore, Michael Schenker.


BEST MUSICIAN YOU’VE EVER SEEN: Strunz and Farah, Alan Holdsworth.



ULTIMATE GOAL: To inspire people towards greatness and virtue.

CONTACT: Tamplin Music, c/o Lori Easter,


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