Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Jack Frost

NAME: Jack Frost

PLAYING (YEARS): Since I was 13; I’ll be 35

STYLE: any type of metal and rock

GEAR: 4 and 5 are the same
I endorse all I own
Guitars – tons of Jacksons – I love their Firebirds Blade is
making me my own model
– a 77 Gibson Les Paul Custom – my baby
– a killer Custom Shop PRS made for me
– a few Charvel 12 and 6 strings
Amps – only Engl – they are the source of my tone; I worship them
Pickups – EMG
Line 6 and Morley effects and wawas
Dean Markely strings 9 to 46
TKL cases


PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 3 CDs with Frost Bite – major US touring; highlight was playing the Randy Rhoads Benefit in LA & touring with Overkill 4 CDs with Witches – past and present members of Armored Saint, Helstar, Crimson Glory, Destiny’s End, etc.
– Opened for Annihilator on there last European tour
– Opened for Symphony X on the last US run – headined the Classic Metal Fest
– played Milwaukee Metalfest 1 CD with Metalium and DVD
– toured w/ Primal Fear in Europe
– and did all the major fests
– headlined the next year was a member of Savatage during the ‘Poets and Madmen tour – did all the major European fests – 5 headliining tours in Brazil, Greece, Europe and the US 1 CD w/ Speeed w/ members of Annihilator 2 CDs with The Bronx Casket Co. w/ members of Overkill and The Misfits Tons of tribute CDs – Accept, Dio, W.A.S.P., The Scorpions, Twisted Sister, Judas Priest to name a few Played on the upcoming solo CD of Rob Rock

CURRENT & UPCOMING PROJECTS: Doing a US tour headlineing with Witches – also going to Europe for a tour Doing my first solo CD with members of W.A.S.P., ex-Megadeth, Armored Saint, Harem Scarem, Virgin Steele, Fates Warning, Doro…to name a few

FAVORITE GUITARIST: Kerry Livgren of Kansas
Tony Iommi
Ritchie Blackmore
John Sykes
Zakk Wylde

MOST UNDERRATED PLAYERS: Doug Aldritch – saw him with Dio and Whitesnake, he’s amazing. His tone is ungodly and I met him a few times, what a gentleman! It’s good to see him getting some credit

BEST MUSICIAN YOU’VE EVER SEEN: Seeing Kansas, the whole band. They are the kings


YOUR HERO: My brother – he battled with cancer for 8 months and lost but never felt bad for himself. He was a real man…my hero

ULTIMATE GOAL: I have it – I play music. It was my dream as a child; it’s all I ever thought about…itis the air I breath

CONTACT: Jack Frost
P.O. Box 329
Matawan, NJ 07747


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