Hard Expressions

Introducing Artist Rainer Kalwitz

After graduating from high school, Rainer Kalwitz (born 27th December 1970) worked for three years as an illustrator for the FORD-Company in Cologne. While being there he perfected the technique of precise drawing, which is important for technical presentations and is still visible in his works. In 1991 he received a certificate for extraordinary artistic talent from the University of Münster. In 1993 he started to study graphic arts at the University of Düsseldorf. That same year he made his first cover-illustration for a German Progressive-Rock-Band (LORIAN, “Virginal mind”, 1994, Edel), which after the release of the CD aroused great interest with other labels. The consequence of this were important orders by bands from all over the world. Besides a detailed brushwork, Rainer Kalwitz basically uses the technique of airbrush, but he is not to be regarded as an “airbrusher”, as his works are very different from the motifs of this area, which are often quite stereotyped. On the contrary, intense pre-studies underlie the final version of a picture, often in form of a series of photos or sketches. Thus the result has to be regarded as the end of a long technical and creative process. Important influences for the art of Rainer Kalwitz are among others the works of Michael Whelan, Rodney Matthews, Paul Hudson or also Caspar David Friedrich. Though it is unnecessary to categorise his works, the keywords in connection with his art must be “phantastic realism”, concerning the style and the composition of his subjects. But in spite of all realistic appearance his pictures have nevertheless a clear component in painting, which is far away from the (mostly superficial) mimetic ambitions of photorealistic artists.

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