Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Jonathan Wilson

Name: Jonathan Wilson

Playing (years): (Woah, I have to think here…) 28 years

Style: Extemporary/Abstract GuitarViol (bowed guitar) music that contains elements of classical, new age, Jazz, Latin, and hard rock. Pink Floyd meets Paganini.

Gear: TogaMan GuitarViol (bowed guitar–I build these things (, Pedalboard with Boss TU-2 tuner, Digitech stompboxes: Hot Rod distortion, HyperPhase, Digiverb & Digidelay. Line 6 DL4 on loop setting (for live looping). Raven Labs active direct box. Fender acoustasonic JR for the monitor.

Endorsements: My own custom GuitarViol company (, Earvana compensated nuts.

Past accomplishments: Bowed guitar Primer vol 1 (out of print). Beside still waters (video).

Current and upcoming projects: A CD of GuitarViol music (kind of hypnotic mellow artsy stuff.) A DVD of live stuff and a DVD brochure promo for TogaMan GuitarViols.

Favorite guitarist: Phil Keaggy, Uli Jon Roth. Also, an electric violinist named Drew Tretick.

Most underrated players: Too many that do not fit into mass this marketed “musical Mc Donalds” that rules the airwaves. Could be your neighbor…

Best musician you’ve ever seen: That’s a hard one. So many great musicians, so much great unique stuff to offer. I prefer not to view music or art as an Olympic sport.

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: Sonic Journey to Heaven

Your hero: Jesus Christ

Ultimate goal: To establish myself as a successful and unique artist/guitar designer. To bring art and beauty back to music. To inspire others along the way.

Contact: Jonathan Wilson Productions (818) 268-5602 or

Website: http://www.bowedguitar.com

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