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Jim Dofka

Name: Jim Dofka

Playing (years): Over 20 – Forever

Style: Primarily \m/ METAL \m/ West Virginia Redneck Hillbilly Metal, Classical, Rock, Blues. Music is Music it’s all based on the same fundamentals!

Main guitars – Gibson Victory, Warmoth Custom Built Thing, ESP Vintage Plus Strat, Some old Ibanez Pieces, *All loaded with DUNCAN PICK-UPS.
Amps – Main heads – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, 1972 Marshall 100W Super Lead, 1970 Marshall MK2 50W.
Cabinets – Various 4×12 Marshall Cabinets, Various Peavey 4×12 Cabinets, I have all kinds of lil’ goodies but I don’t really use em. I am a minimalist! I plug into the boogie with an EQ Pedal for a little boost and a gate to clean up the noise. Slave the Boogie into the old Marshall. Not really a gearhead. I like the purity of a GOOD SOUNDING guitar with just the right tube amp to compliment, or the other way around.
Recording – I am recording all digital these days, a bazillion different plug-ins and all kinds of funky software. Have a home studio as well as the band’s project studio.

Endorsements: Hahahaha! Do you think anyone would give me free shit? And by the way, those “COST ENDORSEMENTS” are not Endorsements sorry! I’m not going to put some companies name on a record because they sold me something at cost! Do these guys think that makes them look important or something? I never really understood that! I only play gear that works for “ME” whether it was free, at cost, or full price. That’s my endorsement!

Past accomplishments:
*Signed my first record deal when I was 18 years old.
*Played live 3+ years non-stop no less than 20 dates per month.
*Played all the dumpy clubs to arenas.
*Lots of music released worldwide.
*I’ve worked with some of the best and I’ve worked with the bottom of the barrel!!
*I have been lucky enough to make a living with this Guitar thing, I believe that is the biggest accomplishment.

Current and upcoming projects:
*Just Recorded a bunch of instrumental tunes for a 5 CD “EXTREME MUSIC CATALOG”
*New “DOFKA” CD entitled “WRECKING BALL” Buy the way, “DOFKA” is a band, not just my last name.
*BLACK SUNDAY – a fun trip to Sabbathland! Sabbath/Ozzy tribute band I do for fun and some pocket change. Currently playing the West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania tri-state.

Favorite guitarist: Frank Marino, Angus Young, Yngwie, Willy Porter, Randy Rhoads, Hendrix, John Sykes, Michael Schenker, Ronnie le Tekro, Andy LaRoque, Uli Jon Roth

Most underrated players: In Metal JEFF WATERS from Annihilator has to be the most underrated overlooked guitarist! This MATTIAS dude from the band FREAK KITCHEN. Every guitar enthusiast must hear him!

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Best musician I have ever seen? That’s rough? I don’t know the definition of “best musician”? How about KISS(The Whole Band) Best show I have ever seen! Willy Porter for a solo musician!

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: METAL! Hate, Anger, Peace, Violence, Aggression, Passion, and MORE METAL!!!

Your hero: Ace Frehley

Ultimate goal:
*Band and musical stability!
*Musical Integrity in all projects I am involved with.
*To be heard by all!
*Tour the world
*Hit the lottery

Jim Dofka
1200 Valley View Ave.
Wheeling, WV 26003

Website: which we update ourselves The official Toxic Wasteland site – kills our own site!!!
BLACK SUNDAY – The World’s Most Dangerous Ozzy/Sabbath Tribute!

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