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“THERE’S NEVER BEEN A ME!” – Juliette Lewis

“There’s never been a me,” explained Juliette Lewis, The edgy actress who brought such unique characters to life as Danielle Bowden (Cape Fear), Mallory Wilson (Natural Born Killers); Adele Corners (Kalifornia) and Carla Tate ( The Other Sister) and who is now fronting her very own punk rock band (Juliette and The Licks).

“There hasn’t been a me who came out and did this. It’s like what kind of actress am I? I’ve always been really raw and tried to be inspiring and whatever I brought to film I’ll bring to music a hundred times more and I don’t care about any stigmas. Whoever comes to see my live show, I’ll try and make a believer out of you. Even if it’s not your taste of music I’ll still get your respect.”

Like so many other actors turned rockers Lewis insists that this is “way different” from the others who tried their hand at the rock n’ roll game and never had credibility and failed at major success. (such as Russell Crowe’s- 30 Odd Foot of Grunts or Keanu Reeves- Dogstar or even Gina Gershon- Girls Against Boys) There has never been a Juliette Lewis…there has never been a her.

Lewis, a talented, energetic fireball, officially formed her band in 2002 after she recruited such punk veterans as former H2O guitarist Todd Morse, bassist Paul Ill and former Hole drummer Patty Schemel and formed The Licks, a balls out punk band is the vein of Blondie and Joan Jett.

“I know that I talk like a crazy person but I want to express things,” she said, “It’s a hunger and I just want to inspire people to use their voice and take advantage of the freedom that we all have.”

In other words- The chick likes to rock!

“Rock n’ roll allows me to connect with audiences and do what I do a hundred times more,” she continued, “it’s a much more full artistic expression for me. Just physically on stage, I get to sing and express my ideas and lead my band in new directions and stuff like that. I love rock n’ roll music. Working in movies, I’ve always told other peoples stories and it’s kinda my day job. [Acting] is my livelihood and something I care a great deal about it, about anything I do artistically and I try and make it the best I can. But I am relentless about this music project. I don’t sleep as much. I’m just trying to push it forward, you know. I mean to do this you gotta believe it’s important. I believe that rock n’ roll can be used as an antidote for apathy and fear in people’s lives. I feel like that for me to connect through the live shows is very important.”

After wrapping up work on two brand new films, (“Grilled” with Ray Romano and Kevin James and “Daltry Calhoun” with Johnny Knoxville) Lewis released her debut album, …Like A Bolt Of Lightning on Fiddler Record, and headed off on the road to connect with fans while touring cross country with The Licks, which included a stint on last summers Vans Warped Tour.

“The Warped Tour was unreal, it was amazing. I feel like I was built for that tour,” Lewis says, “I think that all my work in film helped make me ready to set out of this musical journey. I have a really strong work ethic. I take care of myself and I try and give to the public.”

For now Lewis says that she is enjoying both acting and music and plans to keep both going strong. “I want to jump-start people day at any point of the day,” she says, “my goal is for people to just bob their heads and loose it and have a good time to my music.”

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