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ONE BOOB AT A TIME Interview with Abby Gennet of Slunt

Abby Gennet always seemed laid back and sort of withholding, perhaps even a tad shy, during her stint on MTV2’s Rock Countdown. Although the gorgeous rock vixen would often mix it up with rockers in between introducing videos Gennet never really revealed herself or the bands she interviewed for that matter. But, Abby Gennet does have another side, a wild side…man does she ever.

“That’s the Gemini in me,” Gennet says about the two sides of her personality. “I’m defiantly a laid back person, you know. I try not to get stressed out about too much stuff. I don’t sweat the small stuff. [laughs]. So, when I do stress out I can just get up on stage and rock extra hard that night and let it all out.”

As front-woman of the metal/punk outfit Slunt Gennet lets it all out and then some. Rocking with a punkesque middle-finger attitude and wearing suggestive outfits on stage, Gennet and her mates easily command the eyes and ears of the entire audience.

Gennet, a hot blonde with a luscious Playboy Magazine body that is curvaceous and enticing, is as risqué as she is rebellious. She captivates and dominates the stage with a seductive and sensual allure. With torn rock tee’s revealing her toned belly, hot pants showing off some cheek along with fishnets and knee-high boots, the front woman absorbs every eye in the room…and then she sings.

slunt“There’s no sexy band out there right now,” she says, “there’s no Robert Plant’s and Jimmi Page’s going on. But there’s a lot of these emo bands, these boy bands and I’m just wondering where all the sex in rock n’ roll went? I think that sex is a very important part of it. That’s what drew me so much into the ’80s metal is that these guys went out there, flipped their long hair around and were sexy…where are all the sexy bands right now?”

With an admitted absence of sexual rock bands Slunt have taken the initiative to rekindle the trend and are pumping the sex back to rock n’ roll one boob at a time. “That’s part of the Slunt experience,” says Gennet with a laugh. “Besides playing a show on stage we love to go and party with people after the show and do shots and sign boobies. [laughs] there’s been a lot of boobie signing lately.”

Their latest self-entitled EP features five tracks which serve as an arsenal of sexual rock tunes such as “Inside”, “Not About You” and most notably- ‘The Best Thing”, a hot track in which Gennet tells an ex-love that she spent time with his best friend and his father. “Just for the record, I’ve never slept with anyone’s father,” said Gennet with a laugh. “I was a naughty babysitter once, but that was many years ago.”

Slunt’s music is straight-up, hard-stomping sex-laced rock n’ roll and with Gennet singing lines such as, “I might like you better if we slept together,” and “I took your best friend and made him crawl/ Mikey liked it he ate it all” will certainly arouse all the senses and get the gears turning and blood pumping.

Gennet and Slunt are gladly filling the void bringing the sexual and mischievous rock decadence back to the music. Gennet along with equally hot bassist, Jenny Guns, give headbangers a new head to bang while guitarist, Pat Harrington and drummer, Charles Ruggiero often swallow down shots with fans and party hard on and off stage. “There’s a void and I see the hole and jumping right in it,” says the front woman, “We’re post-punk, bitch metal…It’s really hard to describe because we just do our thing, you know. We like to rock.”

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