Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Taz Taylor

Name: Taz Taylor

Playing (years): 26

Style: Hard Rock Instrumental

Gear: Gibson Flying V (in studio) Gibson Explorer (stage), Peavey 5150 head, Marshall cabs, Boss RV 5 digital reverb pedal.

Endorsements: None……I guess it would be nice to have a deal as a conversation piece, but I actually have all the gear I need!!

Current and upcoming projects: I am currently playing shows in Southern California with my band The Taz Taylor Band, in order to promote my new C.D. “Caffeine Racer”. It is 12 original instrumental tracks, where I played all of the instruments except for the drums. The music ranges from all out in your face Hard Rock to more mellow ballad like material and all points in between. The shows are extremely high energy and an absolute blast to play. The band is rockin’ hard onstage !!

Favorite guitarist: That’s easy. Michael Schenker without a doubt. His simple yet impeccable technique, superb tone and intensity of emotion are second to none.

Most underrated players: Well I’m tempted to say Schenker again, because he is not exactly in the magazines every month is he ? But on the other hand he is revered by a world wide fanatical fan base. I am always astounded that Jake E Lee disappeared from view so easily. He is very rarely remembered, but his playing on “Bark at the Moon” was great.

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Michael Schenker…many, many times !!

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: Emotion, Drama, Feel, Intensity

Your hero: My girlfriend Julie for putting up with all of my crap.

Ultimate goal: To be able to continue to make the music that I love and to reach a wider audience, without compromising.


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