“Diabolus In Musica”

Without a doubt Slayer were once prime movers on the extreme metal scene of which they virtually created back in the mid-eighties. “Diabolus In Musica” is the band’s first album in nearly four years and their seventh full length studio release to date – so how do Slayer measure up in the late ’90s? I hear you ask. Well, have no fear as it’s business as usual with some clever twists thrown in to keep the most sceptic amongst us in check. Bassist/vocalist Tom Araya has lost none of his perverse charm growling and snarling his way through some prime-time Slayer-patented riff-outs thanks to killer axe twins Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. “Diabolus…” is markedly Slayer’s most visceral outing since 1990’s “Seasons In The Abyss” and is undoubtably a scorching work that cleaves to the band’s original driving anvil-heaviness but travelling occasionally across much craftier musical terrain. Dare I say this is the band’s most accessible work to date. Slayer have a clever ability to make others appear mere copyists, which is probably because the band still are the real thing. Check out “In The Name Of God,” “Perversions Of Pain” or the thunderous powerage of “Scum” and “Death Head.” Yeah, they mean it! Oh, and the album title. Apparently, it’s a musical scale you could at one time be locked up for using as it was supposed to summon the devil and other such associated nasty entities. Nicely does it lads, very nicely indeed.

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