LESS THAN ZERO: “Punto Zero”

Heavy metal means different things to lots of people. This is because, I believe, metal has the widest contrast in its sound spectrum. As far as I know, country is country. Easy listening is pretty much Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, and Air Supply. Top 40 is Phil Collins, Madonna, and Mariah Carey. Classical is basically differentiated by experts who know the distinction between baroque, romantic, and classical styles. But metal…you can go from Sabbath to Offspring to Omen to Sepultura to AC/DC to White Zombie to Swordmaster to Motley Crue and so on (and on and on). Where the Italian Lessthanzero lie in the middle of all that I donĚt even know, and IĚm considered a critic. The first two tracks, “CosiĚ EĚ” and “Niente Lava Meglio Di Flak”, sound like a first demo of a bad high school band, trying to sound crossover with nothing to cross over. “Zero” is split almost in half by “Planet Caravan”-type whatever and second shelf hardcore. WeĚve got a saxophone horn section in “LĚho Letto Sul Giornale”, but itĚs played in a swinging Three Dog Night style – anything but cool. Now thereĚs a kazoo buzzing the initial moments of “Ambrogio” , which gradually leads to a rather psychotic ending (which isnĚt half bad). Finishing off the fun is “Dio, Folletti E Altre Credenze”, veined like an anthemic hardcore drinking song. So…um…way to go guys…youĚve managed to stump me. All rights reserved, the cd says. I donĚt think they have a worry in the world.

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