Roxx Gang: Mojo Gurus

Perris Records

While listening to this entire album, I kept wondering, “What were these guys THINKING?” Roxx Gang used to crank out some pretty decent blues-rock, but not this time. Most of these songs are about boozing, drugging and sleazing, and since I’ve personally known way too many casualties of those vices–friends and family, this is about as entertaining to me as roadkill. How anyone can sing about “Strawberry Wine,” invite someone to take a “Magic Carpet Ride” where “we’ll smoke the poppy seed…come kiss the sky with me” and “Get me a big bag of reefer…I wanna get so high” on “Blues For Maryjane”–then turn around and have the audacity to beg “Sweet Jesus” to “Shine A Light” “down on me” all on the same album is way beyond my comprehension. A number of these songs seem to be mocking and stereotyping Southern US culture, which I don’t really think will be appreciated. “Daddy’s Farm” sends a loud and clear message: “If you can’t make it in this world, drown your sorrows in booze and run back to Mommy and Daddy with your tail between your legs.” Well, those aren’t the exact lyrics, but that’s the implication. I’m sorry, but I prefer to listen to stuff that has at least some intelligence to it. This effort is downright moronic and is a bad influence on young and old alike. I’ll pass on this one.

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