Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

John 5

Name: John 5

Playing (years): 17 years

Style: rock / country

Gear: Fender guitars and Marshal amps

Endorsements: Fender Guitars, Marshall Amps, D’Addarrio Strings

Past accomplishments: Playing @ The Grand Ole Oprey, Cover of Guitar Player, #1 Record

Current and upcoming projects: Songs of Sanity (out now) Loser (out beginning 2006)

Favorite guitarist: Buckethead, Albert Lee

Most underrated players: Scott Anderson, Brent Mason

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Larry Campbell (Multi Instumentalists)

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: Vegas Baby Vegas Baby

Your hero: Homer Simpson

Ultimate goal: Always be working

Contact: Nancy Sayle 818-716-6670


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