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Every Time I Die (Interview with guitarist Andy Williams)

Every Time I Die bring screamo influences, brutal hardcore riffs, and satirical lyrics to a whole new level. You may have seen them on OzzFest last year and realized hardcore music is here to stay. Now with their new album, Gutter Phenomenon, released by Ferret Music, you realize Every Time I Die is here to conquer the world with a new sound and attitude. The new single and video “Kill the Music,” starring Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco) best describes the band’s current sound and approach to songwriting.

While headlining the Good Music for Bad People tour, Ball-Buster MUSIC sat down with axe man extraordinaire Andy Williams. We discussed the writing of the new record, the groups evolved sound, and their plans for touring.

Ballbuster: So, how’s the tour going? Are there any stories to tell?

Andy: The tour has been amazing. The first show was in Poughkeepsie, NY and the show last night at Irving Plaza in Manhattan was awesome. We have been listening to thrash metal constantly like Viking.

Ballbuster: What has changed in your life since the band’s following release, Hot Damn!?

Andy: The fact that I actually have a job now. You view whatever you have to do to get to the next tour. I’m not working at a gas station or a restaurant now. I know that I go out and play in front of people and this is what I do for a living. I may not be living the most luxurious life but at least I have a steady income.

Ballbuster: What did you do differently on this new record, Gutter Phenomenon?

Andy: We just had time. With Hot Damn!, we had little time because the preparation time was only six weeks. With this record we had nine months of preparation so we could sit back and listen to the songs. We actually thought about the songs more carefully.

Ballbuster: How would you describe this record to your previous albums?

Andy: I think overall we learned how to write with each other better. It wasn’t like my style of writing conflicted with Jordan’s style. This time we have the same mind frame for what we want to accomplish with these songs.

Ballbuster: Tell me about the video “Kill the Music.”

Andy: The new music video is funny. It’s cool because it’s a totally hard song and we try to make it into this pop video in the beginning.

Ballbuster: How did Michael Madsen become involved in the video?

Andy: When I first heard about it I thought it would be a bad idea. Then we met him and he was totally into doing this video and he liked the music. He was awesome while shooting the video.

Ballbuster: What’s the one song on this album that describes the band the best?

Andy: I would say most likely “Kill the Music,” because it has everything that we have going for us.

Ballbuster: How has your musicianship changed?

Andy: I think playing-wise we became more serious and tighter just because we play more together now. I play my guitar more then I do anything else. I have to get good sometimes, you know what I mean?

Ballbuster: How do you think the music industry has changed since you guys first started a couple years ago to now?

Andy: Oh, it’s pretty fucking ridiculous. When we first started, the first thing we thought of was headlining Irving Plaza and have nine hundred people show up. And now we have to tour and go to Australia. Everything is more accessible. When we first went to Europe we thought ‘oh wow, we’re going to Europe, cool,’ but now since we have been doing this for so long we think ‘oh fuck, man I gotta go to Europe again?’ It has gotten to a point of any band that we play with such as The Red Chord is just as accessible as us. I think the internet has helped a lot with kids listening to new music from different bands all over. It’s so easy to just check out a band out online now.

Ballbuster: What are your plans for touring and supporting this album?

Andy: Well right now we are on the Good Music for Bad People tour. We are playing with High on Fire, The Chariot, and The Red Chord. Then we are touring with It Dies Today, Haste the Day, and A Life Once Lost. After that we go to Europe with My Chemical Romance, which should be cool, and then we go straight to Australia.

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