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Interview with Joshua James of Evergreen Terrace

Coming from the underground hardcore scene of Jacksonville, Florida, Evergreen Terrace released two albums and developed a strong dedicated following. Signing to Eulogy Records, the band has been constantly touring for the past two and half years. Their latest album, Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in this Business, hit stores June 21st and is compared to Poison the Well and 18 Visions. Their single “New Friend Request,” has memorable vocal and guitar work complimented with aggressive breakdowns and is sure to turn heavy-music lovers’ heads.

Joshua James of Evergreen Terrace took some time to chat with BallBuster MUSIC while on tour. We discussed the bands’ hometown hardcore music scene, their new record, and the meaning behind its’ title.

Ballbuster: So, how has the tour been going?

Josh: The tour has been good with Silverstein. The bands and the shows have been amazing and it’s been pretty fun.

Ballbuster: Tell me your background. How did the band form?

Josh: We were all in local band punks in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida and we were into hardcore and so were our friends, but there was no established hardcore scene there. Then the bands we were previously in had broken up and we decided to start a hardcore band. We started in 1999 and toured and signed to Eulogy Records. We have been touring constantly for the past two and half years now.

Ballbuster: What are your influences?

Josh: I’m into bands like NoFx, Rancid, and Operation Ivy. As far as the whole band, it’s drastic from old country like Dwight Yokam to Hatebreed. We listen to a lot of different stuff. The only type of music we don’t listen to is R&B.

Ballbuster: What is Evergreen Terrace about?

Josh: We’re about having fun. We have one chance to do this and might as well have a blast. We’re not trying to grab a certain type of message or tell people how to live their lives. Whatever makes you happy.

Ballbuster: You have had three previous albums. What was it like being a local band in Jacksonville, Florida?

Josh: In Jacksonville it’s hardcore and metal bands. It’s a pretty big scene and there are shows all the time. When we were growing up punk rock was really big and now it seems like the new trend is hardcore and metal and just heavier music in general.

Ballbuster: Tell me about your new record?

Josh: It came out June 21st on Eulogy Records and it’s the first record that all five of us are absolutely happy with. The first time we went into a studio and had a decent amount of time to fix the things we didn’t like. We also weren’t in a rush and just took our time with everything.

Ballbuster: What’s the meaning behind the album title, Sincerity is an Easy Disguise in this Business.?

Josh: It’s from the movie, Death to Smoochy, because sincerity is hard to come by in the music industry. Even bands now will say they’re a hardcore band but they just give a shit about making money and selling records. Even the kids that come to shows will say ‘I’m hardcore’ or ‘I’m straight-edge’ but they have no idea what they’re talking about. The music industry is made up of a lot of people that see it as a way to get money and start a trend but they don’t have any heart or integrity.

Ballbuster: Tell me about the song “New Friend Request.”

Josh: We just shot the video for that song in Detroit and it is our new single.

Ballbuster: What’s your favorite song and why?

Josh: Well, I like all the songs but I would say “Give ‘Em the Sleeper.”

Ballbuster: What are your plans for the future of this band?

Josh: This is the last day of the tour. We are taking a couple days off and then we go to Europe for three weeks with As I Lay Dying, Heaven Shall Burn, Agents of Man, End of Days, and Neasera. Then we are going out again on another tour in America and Canada. After that we come home for three weeks and go and tour Australia. From now to January we are solidly booked as far as touring goes.

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