“Devil’s Force”

This is Nifelheim’s second offering. Having never heard the band previously, aside from their appearance on the recent “GUMMO” soundtrack, I didn’t have much to go on except their reputation, which I completely put aside in reviewing. I wouldn’t quite call Nifelheim retro; more like an early, more controlled-rawness form of black metal. Each instrument being clearly audible, yet the whole overall feel has a raw quality to it. While listening to this for the first time and before reading the bio, I thought there were traces of early “Morbid Visions”-era Sepultura within their music, which seems quite true. And to quote the bio, Nifelheim are said to “this time showcase a strong Brazilian influence.” While this is so, the band also shows a strong regard for the early German thrash/power metal scene. As the band bangs along, they make good use of fiery melodic soloing that adds catchiness. This album I definitely like, which conjures up images of headbanging masses hailing all that is metal. Fuck, yeah!

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