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Daniel Tosh: “True Stories I Made Up”

(Comedy Central Records)

I can review this release with one line. All I need to tell you is that Daniel Tosh is funny as hell. “True Stories I Made Up” is so freakin’ funny, I almost pissed myself because I was laughing so hard. His comedy style features a little bit of everything. He does some jokes that are just plain simple. He also has some jokes that are just plain rude. The best example I can give you is when he’s talkin’ about women who get a boob job. He tells the joke and mentions how it’s a very positive joke for women…unless, of course, you’ve had a boob job. If you got a boob job, you’re not bright enough to get the joke. To quote the best line, “Keep telling yourself you did it so your shirts would fit better. You did it because you’re a whore. You forgot because you’re stupid.” You really need to hear it for yourself to get the full impact. He also has the ability to take a joke and run with it to the point where it’s only funny because it seems like he’s beating a dead horse.

“True Stories I Made Up” is a CD/DVD combo and it’s pretty much the same show. As far as the material goes, there’s only a slight difference. However, it doesn’t matter if you watch Daniel or you listen to him…he’s gonna stroke your funny bone either way. When you watch him…I really don’t know how to describe him. The first thought that popped into my head was the class clown at a college keg party. I’m gonna stick with that one.

If you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, Daniel Tosh is a must-have addition to your collection. I’m a huge fan of people like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield…the legendary men of comedy…and while Daniel Tosh might not be “legendary” at this point in his career, somewhere down the road, I’m sure he’ll reach that level…especially if he continues to be as funny as he is on this release.

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