Axe Banger: The Guitarist Showcase

Steve Cone

Name: Steve Cone

Playing (years): Long enough.

Style: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Gear: I have a bunch of guitars that I record with too many to name here. But my favorites are my Flying V’s (Gibson & Dean) and my custom Killer guitars. As far as amps go I use ENGL, Marshall, Line 6, Mesa Boogie and Soldano. I have a KRANK amp which sounds great but I have not recorded with it yet. On the next cd I’ll get to use the KRANK. Best thing is to check out the website for everything else including the studio gear.

Endorsements: I use so much different equipment it would be hard to be loyal to just one.

Past accomplishments: Making it this far and still have the drive to keep going.

Current and upcoming projects: Currently I have been working with David Shaw, a hard rock singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. I am playing all the guitar tracks and producing Shaw’s upcoming release, tentatively titled Walkin’ on a Wire. This music is much different then my own but I gave it a lot more balls than it had before. So now its got my stamp on it. My music recently caught the attention of metal historian and MTV producer Rick Ernst who will feature my guitar work in the upcoming documentary Get Thrashed. The feature about the history of thrash metal is due to be shown at major film festivals as well as on cable and satellite systems later this year. A European DVD release is also in the works. I am very proud to be associated with the project

Favorite guitarist: This is a tough one, I have so many. Michael Schenker, Akira Takasaki, Bernie Torme, Ted Nugent and John Sykes just to name a few.

Most underrated players: Stephan Kaufmann (UDO), Akira Takasaki, John Sykes.

Best musician you’ve ever seen: Yngwie Malmsteen.

Four words that best describe what you want to get across in your playing: This is a hard question to answer. Emotion, Heart, Truth, Strength.

Your hero: My dad is my hero. He has had to battle cancer and open heart surgery for the last few years and he still shows no sign of slowing down. I can only hope to have half the will and desire to carry on like he does when I am his age. That’s if I make it that long.

Ultimate goal: To get my music to the masses and have people enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. Its never been about money for me its always been about the music.



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