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Lewis Black: “The Carnegie Hall Performance”

(Comedy Central Records)

Lewis Black is introduced. The audience goes crazy. This is so fucking stupid. It’s just not right. He doesn’t belong in Carnegie Hall and neither do his fans. On that note, the show begins and for the next 80 plus minutes, Carnegie Hall becomes his world. Hang on and enjoy the ride and you stroll through the mind of one of America’s hottest stand-up comics. Truth be told, Lewis Black has been around for some time now. Due to the fact that I don’t watch television and I only pay attention to the stuff that I happen to hear from other sources, I’ve only recently discovered his unique brand of humor. From the moment a friend suggested I check out one of his albums, I was hooked. I’m planning on starting my own semi-career in stand-up comedy and Lewis Black quickly became a major influence on what I plan on doing and how I plan on doing it. Lewis Black, for those of you who aren’t familiar with his style, does observational humor. He comments/rants about current issues and his delivery are kind of…and I mean this in a good way…sloppy. It’s almost as if he goes up on stage and makes this stuff up on the spot. His previous releases are this way as well. Sometimes he’s thought out, meaning he takes his time getting to the punch line…and, at times, that punch line is like a shot to the gut, and other times, he ends the joke with a comment that seems, shall we say, rather simple, which makes the joke even funnier if you ask me.

Having heard most of his previous material, I wouldn’t say this is the best he has to offer because, out of everything I’ve heard, it’s all funny. Bottom line, I don’t think this guy has made a bad album yet. He’s gotten to a certain level and he’s remained consistent, which is a good thing. Some of the best stuff on this release is when he’s talking about candy corn, that crappy Halloween candy that none of us actually like. His routine about New Orleans was priceless. That’s just the first disc. I was drawn to the second disc, which featured the better material in my opinion. He gives his thoughts on Michael Jackson, George Bush, gay marriage, and politics. The best, best stuff comes at the tail end of the second disc. He talks about Terry Schiavo and having a feeding tube…classic. Also, when he talks about why we should elect a dead president to be our leaders, that’s just drop-dead (no pun intended) funny….and he does make a good point at the same time.

I don’t listen to everyone that’s out there. So, I couldn’t say who the funniest stand-up comic in the world is. However, if there’s a list somewhere that has that topic, Lewis Black is sure to be in the top three. This man’s at the top of his game and it’s no surprise to me that people like him. I’ve only been a fan for a few months and, as I said, he’s become a major influence on me…and that’s saying something.

Bottom line…”The Carnegie Hall Performance” is a must-have for any fan of stand-up comedy. If you haven’t heard Lewis Black before, it doesn’t matter. This release will make a believer out of you. Give this one a listen and I guarantee you’re gonna pick up everything he’s ever done. I know I’m gonna purchase his previous recordings as soon as I can and I suggest you do the same thing.

Lewis Black’s da’ man. ‘Nuff said!

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