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Interview with W. Frickenstein of The Everscathed

Currently added to a great new label, Open Grave Records, The Everscathed are on a mission. A mission to destroy everything and all in it’s path. Their vicious blend of early ‘90s era death metal has just what it takes to melt your face off.

Originally formed under the moniker, Enmortem, brothers W. Frickenstein, Tim Frickenstein and Brice Dalzell (former CorpseVomit) have been tearing it up ever since.

I was able to catch up with W. and here’s what is going on with the new label signing, touring and what not.

JH: Give us a little history of The Everscathed.

W. Frickenstein: In 1999 Brice D. joined myself and my brother Tim in the band ENMORTEM. We’ve been jamming together ever since and in 2003, we decided to change our name to THE EVERSCATHED. THE EVERSCATHED is: W. Frickenstein -vocals, bass; Brice Dalzell -guitars, vocals; Tim Frickenstein -drums.

JH: What other bands have you/or do you still play in?

W: Let’s see if I can remember all of these. I was in PEDERASTY, TRANSGRESSION, and ENMORTEM between the years of 1995 and 2002. Tim was in DARKFALL, PEDERASTY, TRANSGRESSION, ENMORTEM and maybe even a couple of others I’m forgetting throughout the years 1991 and 2002. I’m not exactly sure of all of the bands Brice has been in or the years he was in them, but I know he was in ROADKILL STEW, PLABIS, M.O.O., CORPSEVOMIT and ENMORTEM. Me and Tim have also been playing in the band UNSOLEMN since 2003 and still do so to this day.

JH: Now the new album comes out on July 11th on Open Grave Records?

W: Yes! Finally!!!

JH: Is this the first release from The Everscathed?

W: Well, it’s the first official release from THE EVERSCATHED. As ENMORTEM, this exact same line-up released a cassette EP in 2000 called “Barbaric Displeasure”.

JH: Give us a brief rundown/description of the album.

W: “Razors Of Unrest” is ten tracks of old style death metal. Each song takes you on a musical journey through the misfortune and impending doom that is life. Fans of early to mid-90’s death metal take note. It’s like that but with an odd twist.

JH: Any touring plans lined up to promote the album?

W: We’re working with Open Grave to try and get something for this fall. We’ll most likely head east. We’re trying to get as many shows together as we possibly can to promote this record.

JH: What can someone expect to see at a show?

W: Carnage. A lot of head banging. Fucking death metal chaos!!

JH: Now you just recently signed a deal with Open Grave Records?

W: Correct. They signed us and released “Razors Of Unrest” upon humanity.

JH: How did that come about?

W: I saw an ad on their MySpace page stating that they were a new label starting up and they were looking for bands. So I sent James a disc and he immediately got back to me and said he wanted to sign us. That’s about it.

JH: How has that been going so far?

W: It’s been going great. They got our discs out very quickly after we signed to them and they’ve been doing tons of promotion for us. They’ve been trying to get us gigs too, which is always a good thing!!

JH: No larger than life promises?

W: I can promise not to move my bowels any less than six times today. Oh you meant from the label. They just promised to try and support us to the best of their ability because they want their bands to do well, and so far they’re doing a great job.

JH: Along what lines will they be promoting you?

W: They’ve been getting us a lot of interviews, and getting us radio play, and taking out ads in magazines.

JH: Was/has there been total control of the album by the band?

W: As far as recording it, yes. We recorded the album before we were even signed so we had total control in that respect. And when it came time for getting the artwork and packaging together, yes we had total control over that too. I mean, James and a graphic designer were sending me their ideas and interpretations as well, but the band always had the final word. Open Grave do currently have the rights to the record though, so they do have some control. But it’s a very good relationship so far. We’re happy with everything.

JH: Who are some of your influences?

W: We draw our biggest influence from mid to late-80’s thrash and early to mid-90’s death metal, but of course inspiration could also come from anywhere. I’m influenced by many things personally.

JH: And when did you first get into playing death metal?

W: I first became interested in playing death metal with the release of Morbid Angel’s 1993 masterpiece “Covenant”. I got my first guitar in 1990 and it was all about learning Skid Row and Metallica covers until that record came out. I also became more interested with the bass guitar around this time.

JH: From then did you know this was the genre you were going to dedicate your life to?

W: When I went and saw Morbid Angel open up for Motorhead and Black Sabbath at the Aragon Brawlroom on the “Covenant” tour, I knew I found my favorite music in the world. One of my top three albums of all time is “Blessed Are The Sick”.

JH: Would/could you ever play another style of music?

W: I’m sure I could, but I know I wouldn’t enjoy anything else nearly as much. When I write music, it’s always angry. I don’t think I have it in me to play “nice” music. But you never know. If I had the chance, I might join a Huey Lewis and The News tribute.

JH: This may be a dumb question, but where would you like to see The Everscathed in the coming years?

W: I’d love to be on a world tour spreading our disease and dysfunction from continent to continent. Our plans from this day forth are to have a new release of some kind every single year from here on out. Next year we plan on releasing an EP with a few new songs and some cover tunes and then another full-length the year after. We already have most of the material written. The goal is to always stay ahead of the game, and so far we are.

JH: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

W: Thanks for the interview. Everyone can check us out at and coming soon You can purchase our album at Support the underground and especially your local metal bands (they will always need it)!!! Metal Brethren Unite!!!

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