Haunted Happenings

Stefan Hertrich (SpiRitual/Shiva In Exile/Darkseed)

Wow, that´s a fantastic idea. Yesterday I complained in another interview that most magazines never let musicians room to write about religion, politics, philosophy or other things, it´s all focused on the favourite food of this and that musician and other nonsense nobody needs for his/her life. So I really like your haunted happenings section and I read it. I am very much into this subject and “observe” many people in this direction. My experience with such persons – even if their skills sound unbelievable – is, that most of the stuff we see on TV is true (the tragedy is that always gets this mystic touch on TV, which makes us either afraid or we don´t care at all about it because it more sounds like a fantasy novel). Let me comment the entries you already have in this section:

Barney of Napalm Death says that spirituality etc. is not important for his life, because there´s so much shit happening in the here and now, so why occupy with things that are beyond “here and now”. I can understand his point of view, and indeed, it´s difficult to show interest in this subject if your life maybe is a mess. The interesting point is, that that most remarkable spiritual persons had a VERY messy life – either because of illnesses, or warfare, family trouble or even more severe things. Many people get to the point where nothing helps, and then the only choice is to get into this subject (I would say “they are lead into this subject by the bad things that happened to them”). In my opinion new age /esoteric books explain best why the world is like it is. We cannot understand the world´s tragedies without “spiritual glasses” in front of our eyes. That´s my personal opinion. Kirsten Turner (Warrant). Yes, I hear such stories VERY often and I think they are true. The reason why ghosts often can be found in hotels/castles etc. is that they really lived there, died, but didn´t realize that they died, or don´t accept it (in most cases they don´t realize it, this happens often at battles when death comes suddenly and without “warning” – spiritual persons can see many “ghosts” on battlefields). I even know persons who talk to such ghosts and explain them that they need to go, and then they do. Eric Turner (Warrant). Very interesting, hm, I have no idea what this could have been. I´ve read of “soul exchanges” and I even know of a person who claims that he has “other soul components in his own one”, but I have no clue what happened to Eric. He should visit a medium (but only a trustful medium who is recommended by friends etc., not to a newspaper advertisement person etc.) and find out what happened (a good medium will find it out). Jonny Santos (Spineshank/Silent Civilian): same as the hotel story (ghosts where somebody died before). One additional note: recording ghosts on video seems to be difficult (especially with new digital cameras) but seems to work, especially with old analogue cameras. I don´t know why, but that´s the information I have. Adam Joad (vocalist of 286). Here I would like to mention his words “the sun started to go down”, because day/night changes seem to be very interesting for such “paranormal experiences” (I hate the word “paranormal”, we should accept it as normal and not create any fascinating myths and stories around it). Also seeing the aura of a human seems to be more easy for unskilled persons at daytime changes (I can´t see it at ANY time, haha). Byron Davis (lead vocals God Forbid). This one is very interesting because he mentions “I consider them my extra-terrestrial bodyguards. They always keep the harm away from me.” This is what esoteric and even Christian belief call “guardian angel” or “spiritual leader”. Each human has a guardian angel and spiritual leader(s), and mediums can communicate with them. The language they speak when talking to us are intuition, enthusiasm, inspiration, but we also can communicate with them directly, best between being awake and falling asleep (this middle thing where you are still awake but also seem to sleep – here we have it again – as mentioned before daytime change/wake/sleep change, those “changes” are the key) etc. It makes sense that he says “his grandfather now is his sort of helper”. I heard that several times. Even a dead-born baby can be your spiritual helper later on.

Uff, there are many cases described in this section, let´s pick out the last one, Sam Harris (vocalist, Sin Sister): feeling an arm around you, or a finger poking on our shoulder can be heard often, that´s why I believe them too. I think here the “mystifying problem” is really problematic. Due to all those TV shows and movies we get afraid if something like that happens L I think Jeff Scheel (Gravity Kills) did the right thing, he wrote: “I finally just told it to go away and it did.”

The fascinating thing about all this, in my opinion, isn´t ghosts here and there, but the fact that our “body life” isn´t all, we really can communicate with dead persons (and they are usually not just hopeless ghosts wandering around without aim..,), that a guardian angel and other positive creatures really exist (and help us!) etc. By the way, Iceland has a person in government caring about elven etc. issues when it´s about constructing roads etc. You can get a plan where the territories of such creatures are marked in the tourism center. It´s a pity that such things are just considered as fascinating, exciting entertainment things, the whole subject, in my opinion, is VERY important, and you can build a sort of “bridge” between psychology, shamanism, religion and many other things. What is the soul, what is the body, how are they connected with each other, what´s the role of each person on this planet (no matter whether he´s rockstar or works at a fuel station), who is god and what does he/she/it have to do with all that. Many questions, but also many answers available, if you show REAL interest in all that and don´t laugh about it. A nice saying “You experience the truth you are ready for”.

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