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Interview with Kai vocalist of Death Bound from Finland

Death Bound has an upcoming tour with the godfather’s of grind – Napalm Death.

How stoked are you about this tour? What Napalm Death release influenced Death Bound the most?

Kai – we are insanely stoked! This is one dream come true for sure! These are the dates:
On tour with Napalm Death
10.01.2007 Gimle, Roskilde, Denmark
11.01.2007 Markan, Hässleholm, Sweden
12.01.2007 Bolanche, Borlänge, Sweden
13.01.2007 Garage, Oslo, Norway
14.01.2007 Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden
16.01.2007 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
17.01.2007 Klubi, Turku, Finland
18.01.2007 Klubi, Tampere, Finland
19.01.2007 Teatria, Oulu, Finland
20.01.2007 Lutakko, Jyväskylä, Finland
21.01.2007 Club Illusion, Tartu, Estonia
22.01.2007 Melna Piektdiena Club, Riga, Latvia

Scum has probably influenced us the most, with it’s cheer insanity. But even the new albums have influenced us subconciusly I guess, have to say that all their albums are great.

I just got this years release from you, ‘To Cure the Sane with Insanity’, and it seems you already have another release almost done-‘We Deserve Much Worse’. To Cure the Sane with Insanity-one of my favorite trax is ‘As Reluctance Grows’-love the add in clip from ‘Cape Fear’, what inspired this song?

Kai – Difficult question, but I know that “cape fear” had nothing to do with it hehe. Pete does all the music at his home, he gets inspired by everything really. He does not need any darkwoods to get inspiration, just check the news for a few minutes and you get the need to write something brutal. The new album will be released next week in Scandinavia and 05.03.2007 the rest of the world.

Did you like shooting the video for ‘Doomsday Comfort’?

Kai – The video is just a bunch of live clips put together by our drummer Sami, I think that it works fine. it has the brutality we express at a live show, it serves its purpose.

Onward to ‘We Deserve Much Worse’…what kind of art work will grace the cover?

Kai – it will have something that suits the music as well as the lyrics, nothing too gory or anything like that. Something that makes you think? You can check it now at our myspace page by the way. (oh really, da)

Do you find it easier to write in English or Finnish? Is your music more accepted by one language vs. the other?

Kai – I think it sounds better when screaming in English, Finnish is quite hard to scream in my opinion. We have one song in Swedish on the new record and it’s called “Vansinne”( insanity), if some words come out in a different language I write them down. Even better if it suites the music, this time it did.

What are some of the grind bands coming up in Finland today that are your picks?

Kai – Well there are no PURE grindbands here, I don’t even think that we are that. But some good bands to mention are Deathchain, Total Devastation, Scorngrain, and Rotten Sound ofcorpse.

What major festival would you like to play?

Kai – Dynamo,Roskilde,Rock Am Ring hehe.

Future plans to hit the States?

Kai – Not at the moment, or not that I know of? But hopefully in the very near future! I wan’t to have breakfast at a truckstop! that would be one dream come true right there.Yeah and to see the Grand Canyon.

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