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Interview with Paul Stoddard from Diecast

With their latest release ‘Internal Revolution’, we see Diecast hitting the road in support of the album with Sevendust through May. Most recent vocalist for the past two offerings Paul Stoddard sat down before their set on the first night of the tour to discuss a few things going on with the band.

JH: First off, give us a brief history of the band.

PS: Well, the bands been around for about 8 years now. There’s actually no original members. I’ve been in for two records now. It’s been a long ride. The band originated from Boston with Jeremy Wooden and Jason Costa. Over time we’ve done tours like, Slayer, Alice Cooper, Hatebreed. We’ve been like all over the world. We had four videos on MTV and we just filmed the 5th one for “Nothing I Can Say”, and that should be out soon too.

JH: So the latest release ‘Internal Revolution’ has been out since September ‘06. How’s it been moving for you guys and how has the response been?

PS: Good. The response has been great. The trick is just getting people to hear it. That’s the biggest thing. Just to get out in front of as many people as possible. That’s why we’re psyched to do this tour. We want to open up to a huge crowd. People are not going to buy something that they don’t know. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of the avenues you have whether it’s media, radio or….

JH: I’ve had a track up on my internet station since last Sept.

PS: Nice, nice. That’s great!!! Every little bit helps us. That’s awesome!!! Thank you.

JH: It’s been reviewed many times over and even by my site. I must say personally, and this is no bullshit, I think it’s a great album. I’ve played it continuously for the past three weeks in a row. But could you in your own words describe ’Internal Revolution’ for us?

PS: Well, there’s a few things going on. I wrote all the lyrics for it so there’s a lot of emotions and stuff in there for me. Three of the songs have to deal with an ex-relationship I just got out of from 4 ½ years and everybody knows that pain makes the best music. I got one song that I do for the troops. The actual track “Internal Revolution” is one I wrote about how tough it is being a musician out on the road. It is definitely tough being a musician out here on the road.

JH: So no real general concept or theme to the album?

PS: No. I just touch upon a bunch of different things.

JH: So life in general is your biggest writing influence?

PS: Yes. Totally. It always seems to revolve around life.

JH: Have you had a chance to see any of the reviews for it yet?

PS: I’ve seen a couple.

JH: So had they all been good ones?

PS: Yeah. Some are good and some are….you know people, I think sometimes don’t really even listen to it cause they’ll compare us to bands and I’ll be like ,Really!?! Other people you know that know the songs and what’s this and that. And then there’s those that are like hey I don’t like this song but I like this song, ect…

JH: Yeah I know. I can’t crank ‘em out very fast myself. To be fair, I like to give a disc several listens to be sure. 3,4, sometimes 6 times to let it sink in. it’s the only way to be fair.

PS: Well yeah!!! That’s cool. That’s the way to do it.

JH: So what are your other releases out there that are available for the fans?

PS: We have ‘Tearing Down The Blue Sky’, which was our last CD, the first with me on vocals. You could really tell it was my first coming out and being with a band professionally recording. A lot of touring in Europe with that one. It’s great that when you listen to that one and the new one, you can really hear the level of maturity that went on.

JH: So how would you say ‘Internal Revolution’ compares or differs from ‘…..Blue Sky’?

PS: ‘Internal Revolution’ is, it feels like it’s more driving. It’s got more melody to it but at the same time it’s also heavier. It’s a very diverse record. It’s got everything for everybody. And that’s the way we like it. With the same token, keeping the big hooks, keeping the songs being songs.

JH: I really like the way it flows from start to finish. All the tracks just seem to be in just the right order.

PS: Awesome. That’s perfect.

JH: So you had producer Paul…?

PS: Paul Trust.

JH: Yeah, yeah. So he’s been with the band since the beginning?

PS: Yes. Ever since Diecast has been recording big records. He’s always been there. And this time we really felt like we had a great comfort zone with him.

JH: Can you sum up Diecast’s overall sound?

PS: We’re heavy but we’re melodic. And we’re definitely metal. But there are some hardcore influences in there. It gives us our own kind of flare.

JH: So what does the touring schedule look like for the year? After the Sevendust tour that is.

PS: Yeah, this tour will go through May 5th. And after that we’re really not sure. We’re taking a look at the festivals, there’s talk of Ozzfest, there’s talk for Warped tour so we’ll take a look at what comes our way and take it from there.

JH: I just caught wind that they are doing Ozzfest for free this year?

PS: Yes. Ozzfest is free. No ticket admission. It’s gonna be insane. I really don’t know how they’re going to do it or even pull it off…

JH: $20.00 bottles of water. $32.50 for a beer , ect.

PS: Yeah probably.

JH: So, any other things happening in the Diecast camp as of late?

PS: Ahh, the video as I mentioned, it was really, is really cool. It has like a whole ‘30’s feel to it.

JH: So anything you want to say to the fans out there or the new fans hearing you for the first time with ‘Internal Revolution’?

PS: First off I want to thank all the fans who have supported us since day one. If it is something that is not said enough, we are nothing without the fans coming out to see us and supporting us. And you know, people should come out. We love to hang out and talk and party. That’s what it’s about.

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