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Interview with Francine Boucher of Echoes of Eternity

After only just last summer sending out a three song demo to various labels, new female fronted band Echoes Of Eternity are taking on the world one day at a time. Newly signed to Nuclear Blast, with one listen to their newly released ‘ The Forgotten Goddess’, the group is readying up for their upcoming world tour.

Not only is vocalist Francine Boucher captivating in looks, her voice is equally mesmerizing as well. And the band is tight as ever. Francine explains how Echoes Of Eternity has something a bit different to offer to listeners of the genre. It was an honor and a pleasure conducting this interview. Anyways, here’s what she had to say.

JH: So, is this your first press day?

FB: Yes, actually it is!

JH: How you holding up?

FB: Good, good. You’re my forth one today.

JH: Can I quote you on that?!

FB: Yes, you sure can.

JH: Okay, can you start off by giving us a brief history of the band and how you all came together?

FB: I’m originally from Quebec, Canada but I studied in Florida. I met Kirk and Brandon at audio engineering school and we all became friends. Well Kirk and Brandon had already been long time friends since high school. We became friends through our love of metal. Brandon had found out that I was doing my own thing. I wanted to score music for movies. So he heard what I was doing, sort of Tangerine Dream-ish style with vocals so he asked if I wanted to be in a metal band. I said yes and we all came to L.A. together.

JH: So this is your first “real” band so to speak?

FB: Yes it is my first professional band.

JH: Tell us a bit about the new album.

FB: Well we went into the studio in June. We all have full time jobs, so it was nights and weekends for recording it. It’s kind of a little different than most female fronted bands out there. It’s a little more aggressive, no keyboards, no opera singing, no growling. It’s something a little different.

JH: Yeah. I’ve been listening to it the past week and that’s one thing I do like about it. There’s some speed and aggression to the music.

FB: Awesome! I’m glad you like it.

JH: Just seems to be a new wave of female fronted bands that are all trying to win over listeners with the same sound as the next. So EOE’s music really sets itself apart from the rest. So how did you guys hook up with Nuclear Blast so quick? (Besides being good)

FB: We put out a three song demo last year and kind of shopped it around to anyone who would listen to it and somehow Brandon got it to RoyZ and he really liked it. Unfortunately he wanted to produce it but didn’t get a chance to. He did mention us to Nuclear Blast though and that’s how we got in touch with them.

JH: He is the shit!!! If anyone should listen to him, it should be the labels.

FB: Yeah he is.

JH: So not really to repeat an earlier question, but, how would you describe the bands overall sound? What would be a good selling point musically?

FB: It’s very melodic, yet heavy at the same time. Beautiful solos from Brandon, the vocals are a little different. There not the power vocals or growling. It’s just something a bit different. If you’re in the mood for that.

JH: Now you have a beautiful sounding voice. But on the album I noticed some over-dubbing or a layered effect? Why is this.

FB: I’m a big fan of Ainia(sp), and was really into what she was doing and so I wanted to try, I love doing harmonies and stuff so I wanted to see what it would sound like with the aggressive riffs.

JH: Well it works. It sounds great!

FB: Thank you.

JH: So what does the tour schedule look like for the year?

FB: Well we haven’t set anything in stone as of yet. But management is shopping us around right now. We will definitely be touring the U.S and Europe later this year, but we’re still not sure when and in what order.

JH: What can one expect from a live performance?

FB: We have just added a fifth guitar player that we will be announcing soon. The music was really written for two guitars so it’s a lot heavier live. And the vocals are a little more powerful live. We definitely sound a lot heavier live than on the album.

JH: So you’ve shot the first video for ’ Voices In A Dream’? How did that go and when will it be released?

FB: Yes, well we shot it last weekend with a Swedish guy names Olay Carlson(sp?), I can’t remember what other bands he’s worked with, but he’s done some others before. He’s cutting it right now, taking his time with it, we want it to be nice. It should be ready in two, three weeks.

JH: Going straight to MTV with it?

FB: That would be nice! We’ll see what the label does with it.

JH: How did you personally get involved in metal? Just a long time fan?

FB: Yes. I got into it in high school Metallica was pretty much my first experience with metal. Around then it was the thrash bands that were in, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies. Then I got into Pantera and it sort of just went from there. Nowadays I listen to all sorts of stuff. I like it all. Hair metal, Viking metal, punk metal, whatever.

JH: You guys seem to be coming up very quickly. From the time you formed to the demo last summer to a record deal and talks of an international tour this year. How is this all making you feel and was this something you were expecting?

FB: Well we really believe in our music and our songs and we knew that we would make it one way or another. But it is happening real fast and we’re happy about that. We’re looking forward to the future.

JH: So what’s up next for the band?

FB: Well, we’re gonna try and tour till our legs fall off and hopefully in a year, year and a half put out another record and just get the ball rolling and just be musicians. Go out there and play our hearts out and put out albums.

JH: Well I do wish you all the best in that.

FB: Thank you.

JH: So is there anything else you’d like to add?

FB: Can’t think of anything????

JH: How ‘bout, the album’s coming out next week, go and buy it?

FB: Yes, yes. The album’s coming out next week, Feb. 20th and before you know it, we’ll be playing your town.

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