Haunted Happenings

Mike Halland of Crushed

I’ll send this to the rest of the band. I do have a personal story. I grew up in Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. Hawaii is a very spiritual place. My stepdad built our home himself in the back of Niu Valley, so the property meant a lot to him. Anyway, I was about 14 & sitting in my room, playing guitar with a buddy of mine. Our backdoor flew open & we both saw what looked like a person walk by really fast. This door was loaded on a spring so it was impossible for the wind to swing it open. My stepdad was on Maui at the time for business. I called out for my mom but no one answered. I grabbed a baseball bat & searched the house but no one was there. My mom came home later that night & informed me that my stepdad passed away on Maui from diabetic complications. I had the weirdest feeling that someone was watching me for the longest time too…I think I slept on the floor in my mom’s room for a while. Pretty trippy!

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