Gut Buster

Don Rickles: “Speaks”

(Warner Bros. Records)

This is a rather interesting comedy album. The way that it’s set up, it’s like an interview disc. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. You’ve got a small group of people tossin’ off the questions…and they’re not really questions. It’s more like they’re lookin’ for Don’s thoughts/opinions on certain subjects. Most of the people mentioned here are from the ’60s and ’70s. So, if you’re not familiar with who they’re talkin’ about, it may seem a little dated.

This release came after Don’s legendary stand-up album, “Hello Dummy,” which is probably the better of the two. He goes from the stage to being “interviewed,” so to speak. I don’t know what they were thinkin’ going into this album. Did they give Don an idea of what they were gonna talk about or did they just sit down with him and let the tape roll? I would assume that they just went with the flow because, in all honesty, that’s the true genius of Don Rickles. It doesn’t matter what you ask him about…his response will be quick and funny. He goes for the laugh right off the bat and he nails it every single time. He’s faster than Robin Williams. That says a lot right there.

If you go on YouTube and type in Don Rickles…you can see a more modern version of this release. Just seek out the interviews he’s done on David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel Live. They toss out a question and he rolls with it…and he’s like the Energizer Bunny…he’ll keep going and going and going…and he’s constantly funny. That’s his talent and, let’s face it, there will NEVER be another comic like Don Rickles. You won’t see it in this life. No one will EVER be able to match what he’s done. They won’t even be able to come close. He didn’t have to be dirty to be funny. But, he would say stuff back then that no one else would have been able to get away with…and it’s the same way today. If you put the comedy gun in his had…he can still pull the trigger and hit each and every one of you.

Your collection isn’t complete unless you have this release. It’s a pure comic genius and that’s all there is to it.

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